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The Other Side of the Tracks

Dreamed summer 1934 by Anonymous #35, reported to the Rhine Institute

In the summer of 1934, a young woman with a group of students went to the seashore on vacation. She was assigned to stay in the home of a doctor and his wife, strangers to her as she had never before been in this locality. She recalls:

As I was preparing to retire I noticed on the table beside the bed a miniature of a lovely young girl. I studied it for a moment, as I was impressed with a spiritual quality quite unusual in the beautiful face. I soon was asleep and it was early morning when I had this dream, or vision. I saw a train bearing down straight toward me. I heard the grinding of the brakes as it came to a full stop before it reached me. People came running and I stood beside the engine looking down at a young man whose lower body was pinned beneath the engine. He was calm, and I looked into his face with great sympathy and admiration for his courage.

Suddenly I became very agitated and tried to tell people that we must hurry and get the ambulance. Then I became aware that there was someone else on the other side of the train; I just seemed to know it. I shook people's arms and tried to tell them, but no one noticed me. I was excitedly doing this when I was awakened by the doctor's wife knocking at my door. She came in, bringing me hot water, for it was a farmhouse.

I was still agitated and was thinking that I must send a wire immediately to see if all was well at home. I asked where the nearest Western Union could be found, etc., and then started to tell her the cause of my agitation, which I could not shake off. I told her I had just seen a terrible accident, a young man killed, etc., and how very real it seemed and not like a dream.

She became very serious and said, "You have just described the accident in which my daughter and her sweetheart were killed near here. That is her photograph beside your bed. They found the young man first and did not know anyone else was killed until they found my daughter's body later on the other side of the tracks."

I asked her who usually occupied the room I was in and she said she did. Did I read the memory of nature or was it impressed upon me by the mother's thought, or what?

SOURCE: Hidden Channels of the Mind by Louisa E. Rhine, 1961, p. 103. Account untitled, author's name witheld; title & byline added to aid searching & indexing.

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