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Photos Lure Souls
Dreamed 2016/3/12 by Chris Wayan

In a photo session, Ailura, a soft-sculpture catgirl, comes alive and flirts blatantly. Dream sculpture by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Ailuran Odalisque (with a little help from her friends)

Photo session! Of a sort. I'm carefully staging the giant furry sex toys I've been building, the Foam Furs, so that they look lifelike.

I take care--they can't just be good record shots. I need GREAT photos--because truly convincing shots can summon the real spirit of that being to inhabit the soft sculpture and animate it. The statue comes alive!

I'm conflicted about the staging, though. I like sexy, revealing poses--after all, the Foam Furs aren't kids' stuffed toys, but anatomically complete furs. But I worry any sexuality will offend or repel others--maybe even the spirits I want to lure into them! What if a spirit feels she's being offered an incarnation as a sex toy ONLY? I don't want that any more than I want sexless teddybears!

So for balance I try to shoot some modest pictures too. But that turns out to be hard. Because these bodies were built to flirt. They want to show off!

I'm posing Ailura the catgirl, modestly, and she keeps wiggling around, waving her cunt and begging. Trying to seduce a strong soul to... enter her.

Bodies have their own agendas.


Silky,my cat-taur girlfriend, wriggles on an orange bedspread. Dream re-enactment with soft sculpture, by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Silky the cattaur wiggles on my bed

Samples from the Cendancer photosets I shot over the next few months:

Pina in Gift of a Rose

Pina in Wing-Envy

Pina, portrait, Love in the Grass

Dzoa in Caryatids

Dzoa in Sargasso Mirage

Dzoa in Gift of a Rose

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Hashi in Tree of Time

Hashi in Burst Through Old Snow

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