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Regeana's Dragon

Two dreams, c.1996/3/9 & 3/10, by Regeana

I dreamt that I was walking around in a maze of endless corridors of a pale gray hue. They were just high enough that I couldn't jump and see over them.

I walked and walked until I came upon a room filled with bright shiny things. There were gold, silver and jewels of various shapes and sizes. The most remarkable things were baubles that look like crystal balls, but when held above the head they transmitted intense feelings to the holder. Some were sadness, but most were happiness and bliss so potent as to make tears come to the eyes.

Atop the gigantic pile there was a dragon just awakening. I started and said "Oh, I'm sorry."

The Dragon said "'Tis your treasure; these are awards from your past that you denied. I have been watching them for you. I take leave of you now," and he slithered down the hall.

I ran after him shouting "Wait! I would like for you to stay and be my friend."

He came back and I awoke.


I dreamt that I was in a beautiful medieval gown of dark burgundy with the dragon, little now, curled up on my head, with his tail coming down my neck and between my breasts almost like a part of the dress. It seemed like the dragon was telling me secrets.

I had baskets of gold and silver on each hip. There were lots of people on either side of me, and I was throwing the precious metals into the crowd, smiling and laughing.

That's all. These are the most lucid dreams I've ever had. For a while I wrote down my dreams, but I don't remember them that often.



Not all dreams of treasure (or dragons) are the same. This isn't a dream of buried memories, or of learning courage by braving a fearsome foe, or a simple wish-fulfillment for a friend. Nor does it need any interpretation; the dream says what it's about. "These are awards from your past that you denied." Freud has a lot to say about repressing shameful impulses and memories, but less to say about false, drummed-in humility. Yet in my experience dreams fighting self-denial and instilled worthlessness are just as common as dreams exposing grandiosity or egotism.

This dream is from Weremonkey's Lair, a small dream-library (see Kindred Sites). Permission requested. No answer! Are you out there, Regeana?

--Chris Wayan

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