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Shark, Shark, Shark!

Dreamed 2017/12/3 by Thomas Madden

I dream that I'm abroad somewhere. I find a crowd hundreds strong, surrounding a man talking in English about sharks.

He asks for a volunteer. I don't like the sound of this, and try to get away, but the crowd turns on me, grabs me and hands me over to the shark man, who asks "Should I throw him in the pool with the shark?" I am terrified, imagining shark jaws closing on my living body and eating me alive. As they roar their approval he throws me in the pool--and climbs in himself.

There is a shark in the pool, a bull shark, but it's just a few days old, and at this age is totally friendly, as friendly as a Labrador puppy. It likes to be stroked. I pet this cute baby shark along its sides and fin, and it clearly enjoys it.

At last I get out of the pool to look for a toilet and find myself after following a sign that leads me to the borders of Equestria [world of My Little Pony]. The area's deserted--no humans or sapient ponies are around. I am about to pee in a sink when I hear the shark man calling for me--and getting angrier each time until he is roaring with rage at me! Which is what wakes me up.


Uh... my fears are overrated?

--Thomas Madden


I'd say that's about the... size of it.

--Chris Wayan

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