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Sing to Summon Courage

Dreamed 2019/4/21 by Wayan


I walk up to the library to pick up some books I ordered. By the door is a table where a teenage girl and her mom are selling cupcakes for a charity.

The daughter's in a tiny gold miniskirt so short her panties show. Selling her thighs for charity! Absurd, but... sexy, too. I feel shy, embarrassed and fourteen again.

While Mom just glares, glares...


I feel wicked. Met a teenage girl cupcake
selling at a charity stand by
our library in a pale gold skirt so short
if you even glance at that caramel thigh
her panties wink. I blink. Look away?

Flirt. Date. She's fun. Her little brother's cool.
But Dad's a rich grouch. Wrong about me. I
like her, not wealth; don't need to flaunt
like him--those gleaming suits in the garage,
crisp-tailored cars in the closet. Custom-
built glares.

But I flirt madly with her and she with me
till Daddy has to take us seriously;
summons us to his chosen grilling spot:
Maxim's, across a manicured square of
snob shops.

He wrestles to park his gashog, while I
detour on foot to drop off Mysterious Gift
at an old friend's across this
broad quad.

Climb four floors. The stairwell here
is the elevator shaft, too; you
gotta watch and duck out of the way.
Here it comes! Headbanger hazard
built in. Thanks, architect! I

the steel rhino lunge. Up-trudge. Emerge
on a ledge. Ahead's a slender bridge
over a deep stone gulf. The railing low--
skimpy as a skirt--that architect again!
One trip

means a killing drop. To give myself
courage, I start to sing. Belt out
a dream-song I long ago wrote:
"Migrate through Fire" always helps.
Years, years

my dreams have prompted me to sing
this line when old fear rears:
"Follow the dream, migrate through fire."
Song-heartened, I seek my girl beyond
high wire.

I cross a narrow bridge over a deep chasm, singing for courage. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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