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993? Nondream digital picture on subliminal messages, by Chris Wayan

Stretch now. Do just that. That's the whole message. I'm doing it. I'm getting up from the keyboard and not working on this stupid website any more. Stretch.

The giraffes in the back are talking about Lamarck. He was an early evolutionist who thought your kids inherit the traits you acquired in life: if you're a giraffe, and you stretch your neck longer, your kid's necks get a head start. Wrong, as it turned out.

As the leopard camouflaged in the grass (see, you didn't notice, did you? Camouflage works! Of course you DID notice that MY body's composed of thousands of superimposed little giraffes, right?) had to learn the hard way, even hunting isn't an inherited instinct.

Want to stretch your abilities?

Gotta do it yourself.

Cheetah Girl rests and stretches on the veldt. And you should too.

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