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Sweaterpants for Christ!

Dreamed 2011/6/30 by Wayan

I want to date. Better dress like a guy.
But when I was small, Mom told a lie.
"Girls love boys who dress and act femme."

Well, she did. Even nowadays when
I'm stressed, I find myself regressed
into girliness--seek a comfort-dress!

But my girldar's whirly. I grab a huge knit
sweater from my mom's house, but it
had to be stolen from Fee Fo Femme.

Birdlike Mom never could have worn it.
Maybe she lived in it? A sweater hornet!
So big she could've sublet just the hem.

Pull the yarnarms o'er pink toes
baggy harempants. Then I
each sweatarm in a longstripe

My calves Popeye in overlap
Ow! My knob knees tourni

I struggle endlessly to
these itchy flounderlegs of
up hip & thigh so I won't wad

like a babygangsta. But as I
ceed, out peeks a meek

through that birthdilated neck
No cop'd call me street le

Click to enlarge. Sketch by Wayan of a dream: A knock-kneed guy pulls a sweater onto his legs not his arms. He gets tangled, and his dick dangles out the neckhole.

But see, I met Jesus once
and He enthusiastically cried
"I LOVE baggy harem pants!
Though they are awkward when
you're getting crucified."
And unlike Mom, He never lied.


Am I too big for my britches? Sin o' pride?
Jesus and Gandhi wore diapers wide!
Mom's real ideal for me? Not femme, but
True, on dates a martyr's not
Hell no!
I'll, too.
much fun.

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