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Tag with a Bounty Hunter

Dreamed 2010/3/3 by "Caradon"

I'm on the run from the law, I don't know why. (Maybe watching too many prison shows lately.) It's night but there is a lot of light from the moon. I'm outside climbing around a group of grassy hills. I climb to the top of one really steep one, that is more like a towering grassy cliff. At the top is a bowl shaped depression. This seems like a good place to hide. I lie on my side in the bottom of the depression, and curl up, planning to spend the night here. I can here the voices of people below. They are searching for me. One lady in particular is in charge of my capture. She is not a normal cop, a bounty hunter maybe.

Suddenly I see a hand, then the top half of the bounty hunter woman pulling herself up over the lip of the bowl shape. She sees me, and is so startled to find me there that she loses her grip and starts to fall. I reach out and grab her arm and she is dangling over the side. fall. "Don't drop me" She pleads.

"Don't worry, I've got you, I won't let you fall." I pull her to safety. She is grateful that I saved her life but she informs me that she still needs to bring me in. I understand, but I'm not about to let that happen.

My fear of prison is greater than my fear of falling and I leap head first off the cliff. As I leap I wonder how I will manage to land without being killed. But then I become Lucid and I swoop upwards high into the sky. The bounty hunter woman is a small speck below. I shout down to her. "Just try and catch me now!" And I start flapping my arms in a silly imitation of a flying bird.

She yells something up at me I don't remember her exact words. They were not angry words, more of a playful frustration at my ability to get away from her. I realize that she is now Lucid too, and she has decided to take me up on my challenge. She leaps into the air and starts flying in my direction. Ha, she doesn't have a chance. There is no way she can match my speed, height, and over-all flying skills.

I fly for a while, then turn to watch as she tries to get closer. I'm in an upright standing position, and I look around at the landscape and forest below. I'm struck by a sense of profound joy at being here. And I yell to the woman. "I so love it here!" "I could never wake up!" As loud as I can I shout several times. "I wish I would never wake up!"

Then fearing that these thoughts may cause me to be woken up, I start rubbing my hands together. Then I continue flying. I come to this massive tree and land on one of its limbs. The tree is almost like something out of the "Avatar" movie, only there is no greenery on it. It's a labyrinth of giant trunks high in the sky. The trunks are so wide I can run along them with ease. The bounty hunter woman has made it to the tree and continues the chase. But now it has just become a playful dreaming game. And this is the highlight of the dream.

For the longest time we run along the many branching limbs. With my dreaming agility there is no way she could ever catch me. There are vines hanging from many of the limbs. I run and leap, doing flips through the air grabbing vines, swinging then letting go, flipping and landing on other limbs, running and swinging through the tree. What a joy.

Eventually we come to the end of the tree, I leap and fly out into open air. The bounty hunter follows. She is close to me now, but it's no longer a chase. We are just together.

I see this somewhat wide canyon. Lining the opposite side, is this army of really mean looking chimpanzees. They are making lots of noise, screaming in the chimpanzee way. The bounty hunter says to me "You better not be planning on going over there." Now I have to, of course. I swoop across the canyon and land amidst the raging chimpanzees. But before any of them have a chance to attack me, I leap off the edge, swooping back to the bounty hunter. I say to her, "This is Face Your Fears Week, you know." (Just made that up on the spot.) She takes my lead, and I watch as she swoops across the canyon as I did. She passes right through the line of chimpanzees, and continues beyond. I move to follow and abruptly wake up.


SOURCE: originally posted by "Caradon" at, a lucid dream site. Permission requested--are you out there, Caradon?
Tag with a Bounty Hunter is merely my title of convenience; the original post was titled only A Lucid Dream.

       --Chris Wayan

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