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Tartan Acid Spider Torpedo

Dreamed 2008/1/31 by "Thomas Mountain"

I'm standing in a field somewhere in what seems like Ireland. A tartan-clad man and I are chucking spears at each other, inflicting horrible wounds.

Just as he is about to kill me, I wake up.

I fall asleep again and find I'm with a girl who poisons me with LSD. I see images of myself, and then a large spider coming towards me, the size of a small brick. I run and find my father and tell him about it. I find I can fly without wings, so I look for Yellowstone Park. I fly through a city, where two professors in mortar-board hats see me. So I teach them how to fly too. In a flying wedge formation, we head for the sea. I get on a boat, but a submarine attacks, and I barely escape with my life.

And then I wake again...


Is this normal?

No, really, is it? How would I know? I have equally bizarre dreams, but mine are pretty coherent. Editing this site has made me realize that's rare, though; many folks have dreams that just slice and dice reality like this. But choppy dreamers usually go for dull surreal. Home movies cut up, not An Andalusian Dog.

But this... Speared to death, girl, drug trip, giant spider, dad, flying, teaching teachers, getting torpedoed... whew! Down up down up down, a relentless rollercoaster. But Thomas seems to like the ride...

--Chris Wayan

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