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Telekinetic Kids

Dreamed 2017/9/8 by Wayan

Two telekinetic little girls carry an engine block in a wheelbarrow. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

I'm inside a science fiction novel. I visit a small town hiding something. Can sense it.

But no need for detective work--the writer soon spells it out! A separatist black commune genetically engineered two "Pure Examples of the Race"--two little telekinetic girls. One's just 7-8, her sister's just 4, so they don't consistently remember to hide it yet--but their carelessness is less hazardous than you'd think, since their telekinesis is hard to trace to them--stuff just moves, nothing to hint who or what the cause is. Could be anyone or anything nearby.

I first meet the two helping grownup relatives--mechanics at work in a garage--by lifting engine blocks that'd take a powerful crane.

Interesting. I sorta expected my sixth or seventh sense would see an aura-arm or energy-bridge between child and motor, but no; just a vague feeling alerting me telekinesis is happening.

Then I visit the commune. A mob of kids run around & play. The two are well camouflaged here--unless you look at how they play. They're lugging a wheelbarrow, looking cute and normal--except that the barrow's cargo, while not huge, is a solid chunk of metal weighing more than both girls together.

Oh, and behind them a frisbeelike disk rolls, and a few other little accessory bits hop and bounce along, little telekinetic afterthoughts much more visible to Muggles than the real miracle of the barrow.

I don't know whether the commune's adults have noticed yet that I know about the two. It could be a problem. They're so secretive and protective they may want to kill me! They're as extreme as many white supremacists; see all nonblacks as potential persecutors, and that could drive them to violence.

Yet I don't identify as white, black or brown; I identify as witch, like the kids; we three belong to a different minority, one the majority historically (and hysterically) shunned, exploited and/or burned alive.

A couple shoves me off a sea-cliff. Sketch of a nightmare by Wayan.


Check my own journals for telekinesis/psychokinesis. I was more aware of it than I thought; find chaotic spotty flags for apparent events. Not consistent; find SIX different codes over the years, none dominant: I consolidate them to one for causing or witnessing telekinetic events inside a dream, like the dream above; a second for waking events that appear to be telekinetic. Once I've cleaned up the record, find more than I expected.


    A single die floating an inch up. Sketch of a dream by Wayan.
  1. 1973. In college, I desperately needed a single room. One came up. We all agreed to roll dice for it. I felt myself will the high roll I needed to win my privacy. Felt guilty, too--but not very, for I didn't want it, I needed it. I was an undiagnosed autistic forced to share with a party guy.
  2. 1983: working at Stanford, I talked with my sister about resenting sexy, privileged Stanford girls. I felt a smoldering rage. Soon I smelled it. Molten metal, burning insulation. A fuse in the ceiling melted, dripping hot, toxic PCB tar down on us! Again, I felt myself doing it, though it was less willed than rage-driven. This time, I did feel guilty. No better than a physical tantrum!
  3. 1984: my friend Tom told me how his belief that a live power saw was unplugged somehow kept it off, saving his thumb; once he pulled away, on went the saw again. His story so inspired me that (I was driving at the time) I tried to will my car's brake problem to vanish. It did--and resumed later when I was alone (and uninspired).
  4. 1985, my friend Val told of resenting a smug wineseller; she willed a bottle to shatter in his hand. Drew blood and scared him--goodbye smugness! She felt satisfied, proud. I was appalled. Half moralizing, but half fear of Villagers with Torches...
  5. 1988: skim the whole section in Meyer Library, Stanford, on parapsychological research. One psychic's biography (unfortunately journal doesn't record author/title) reports he found ESP worked with living things, including plants, but inanimate stuff was unresponsive, until he realized he dreaded being called a crackpot for even trying. Once he approached it naïvely, he found small TK events feasable. Pretty much matches my experience; TK's as much about belief systems as talent, will, motivation or practice.
  6. 2000-2005, I experimented with computer solitaire--I willed useful cards and got them, way above random. I could feel the effort--like flexing an unused muscle. Sadly I wasn't consistently journaling then (too busy building the World Dream Bank) so I can't find details. But unlike the other examples, this was consistent, calm, and long-term.
  7. 2009: I had to hang a huge solo artshow for a theatre benefit in San Francisco--some 45-50 paintings & sculptures, on two floors. As I prepped, one art piece jumped off my wall and broke, with no one near, after years of stability.
  8. Next day, a bigger one did exactly the same after years on that wall. On deadline, a reinforced container (I was taking no chances) burst open and a third piece fell; this time, glass shattered; shards in my hands. More ambiguous since it was during transport, not like the untouched two. Still, it was clear to me that something or someone hated that show--and was willing to hurt my art AND ME to stop it. Scared, angry, bleeding, I still hung it. Turned out the saboteur was right; it was a debacle. The publicist was incompetent, the hundreds promised didn't show. Days of wasted work for the cast, the caterers... and me.
  9. In 2012 I got addicted to Spider Solitaire. One day I discussed ESP with a friend; later that night, I played obsessively till I was tired & sore. Wanted to play, wanted to quit. Addiction & pain, at war! Suddenly I got three consecutive unstartable games. At the middle level of spider solitaire I played, about 1% of games are unstartable, so the odds against three back to back are about 100 cubed--a million to one. I took the hint and quit.
No wonder both those incubated dreams (asking Luna the Dream Goddess to send dreams on issues besides finishing art) are about Muggle persecution of witches! I'd forgotten those poltergeist episodes--how intensely my unconscious sabotaged showing art, or perhaps profiting from it, or just being SEEN... stay hidden is the agenda. Like the separatists in the dream, ready to kill outsiders to keep their telekinetics hidden.

Limited examples but the pattern suggests two strong contributors to TK--one emotional, one mental. Telekinetic little girl lifts a mountain with her mind. Sketch by Wayan.

  1. Intense feelings fuel telekinesis. Think of the historical pattern--poltergeists are associated with teens, sexual frustration, troubled families, abuse; miracles, with spiritual passion and crises.
  2. Believing telekinesis is possible, and contemplating it. Discussing it that day ups the odds... This factor, I haven't seen mentioned in the literature. My sample's small, but the association in my journals is consistent. TK gets more likely if you think it's possible. And who really does?
Once, in a vision, Blake asked the prophet Isaiah "Does a firm persuasion that a thing is so, make it so?" And Isaiah said
"... firm persuasion removed mountains;
but many are not capable of a firm persuasion of any thing."

Given how violent humans can get, maybe that's a blessing.

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