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Dreamed 1988/8/19 by Chris Wayan

I go see a movie--a comedy called Zapped. All the women play mute bimbos: walking breasts. Only boys get real speaking parts. On the other hand, they talk but nothing comes out. Equality between the sexes: idiots all! I guess it's gender justice.


I'm trapped in a movie. A strange movie. Our apartment has been converted to a gigantic beehive. We live with the bees. It's nice to have the honey, but couldn't we have put the hive in the back yard like normal bee nuts? And it seems to me beekeeping isn't the sort of thing you should learn as you go...

Then, in come the Five Dogs. They're so big they feel more like twelve! Someone gave us the whole litter. Each of us housemates gets to choose one god--sorry, dog--for their very own.

Each woman among us, I notice, is careful to pick a male dog--and one about her own size. Am I sick to suspect these gods, oops dogs, will end up in bed with them?

But what about me? Are there any bitches among the remaining three? One man grabs a female. Now I'm sure! No one will admit it, but they're pairing off!

Dream: I'm in a B movie, where bee-actresses are pairing off to mate with dogs... or are they gods?
So I inspect the remaining dogs. Looks like they've chosen for me by default! There's only one goddess, or doggess. A big rangy wolfish creature, she has a short pelt and a canine head, but her thighs and crotch and vagina look quite human in size and shape, not doggy at all except for her tail. She's not exactly a female Anubis, but no ordinary mutt either. A bitch goddess! Oval portrait of the dog-goddess I dreamed I was assigned, as a girlfriend... though I'm ALLERGIC to dogs.

But still, let's ignore the sex issue, and the species issue, and that little business of living with gods on a daily basis. I'm ALLERGIC to dogs... and now my housemates have decided I have to live with five of them, without even asking me!

"Well," I think to myself just before I wake, "that's what I get for being in bee movies."


In other words... even in this low-budget, B-movie world, if you look beyond first impressions, you can find someone to love.
A wolf-tailed girl in red dress crawls on the grass

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