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1992; digital picture-poem with dream figures by Chris Wayan

Ever since I was battered I feel like a virgin again: celibate, touch-hungry, but wary too--scared of where sex will lead THIS time. All my longing and lust goes into dance, dreams, paintings... websites. Locked in adolescent bewilderment when it comes to ACTING on my crushes. So wary, so ready to run... till I'm sure I won't repeat my error. That, not sex, is where my caution lies.

And I bet I'm not the only one.

sepiatone poster of fears and doubts about sex: me creeping out of a seashell, lone wolves, doves, a huge erection, a female centaur, me masturbating, a couple embracing with energy shooting out...

As well as Michelle/me shell, and "sell a bat / buy a dove", there's a third awful pun: I ask "Will I get trapped in a world of meat?" And the little sperm-dogs reply "Meet us!" "Meat us!" "Meat us!" as they run up the penis. That's no hot dog pun--"meatus", pronounced "may-ah-tus" is the name of the opening at the tip of the penis. They're naming the hoop they hop through!

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