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Alien Girl, Sacred Peaks

Dreamed 2005/11/25 by Wayan

That Day

Make a topo map of Tharn, an arid but still living biosphere I'm designing.

Sculpt a lebbird of clay, out on our back deck. Hours, until I'm shivering in the chill breeze. A challenge to see the final position of hips inside the support-mass, and carve away the rest. But though it's bone-dry clay (legs of damp clay would surely collapse), I learn I CAN still add on: dampen and redo one hand, lengthen her fingers. Progress.

Tharn, a dry world-model by Wayan. Click to tour.
Lebbird, a winged bipedal leopard; dream sculpture by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

That Evening

My housemates and I go see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Over all I like it, but one thing bothers me--out of the four finalists, just one's a girl? And Fleur's so weak she needs rescuing? Hmm. I thought better of JK Rowling!



I'm swimming in a pool at a resort, with two girls I've known a long time. We're all twentyish. Swim and play, but it turns to flirting and teasing, and then, suddenly, more. My arm's around one girl--in honor of the movie, let's call her Fleur--stroking her nipple, while the other girl, who we'll call Hermione, though she wasn't, clamped her thighs around my foot so my toes are in her cunt, while her foot and Fleur's hand both massage my erect cock.

Feels like we've broken a barrier--finally all acting on mutual attractions we've felt a long time, but hid. No jealousy, either--just trust, warmth, sexual experimentation.

But I notice... we still explore mostly underwater, half-hidden from any passers-by. We don't quite dare to bring our little orgy-experiment out in the open air.


Trio make out in swimming pool. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Whoops! Now I'm playing tourguide for an alien girl from another universe entirely--showing her round Earth. My corner of it at least--the American West.

She has big sharp eyes but has never seen mountains, or crags, or snow, or horizons. Her language lacks words for them! Her homeworld must be a misty place. Or isn't a sphere... do they even have planets back home, is she from a space-habitat or something? Anyway, she can't interpret the vast view at all. Unsure of the scale. I have to explain a lot. I don't mind--she's very attractive!

If a bit strange. Big wide-set cat eyes in a wide face on a long neck, more llama than human. Basketball-tall, leggy... each trait juuuuust within human range, but together they shout alien. She wears a silver swimsuit or leotard, a wide sombrero that looks like a flying saucer, and thigh-high rocket-boots. Silver cloth or actual metal?

Alien woman with long neck in desert. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
We're in the high Arizona desert. Navaho country? To the south and west, jagged red crags up to 200 meters high, like Shiprock. Behind them, snowy peaks over 3 km high (10,000'), but mostly hidden by the nearer crags. North and east, a vast hazy plain. A few faint, steep volcanoes on the horizon--what look like the San Francisco Peaks to the north-northeast, sacred to the Hopi. And another, bigger range farther off to the left--due north-northwest? Too tall and craggy to be Navajo Mountain up near Rainbow Bridge; can I be seeing all the way to the Henry Mountains in Utah?

As I arrange these sacred peaks in a mental map, see they're scrambled. This is a dream! Symbolic. But of what? All I get is... those jagged crags look impressive but are objectively smaller--just nearer, in the way. To orient ourselves we have to look far. Horizons, not the local eye-grabbing scenery. Like her.

NOTES Nearby crags half-hide distant snowy peaks. Dream sketch by Wayan.


I tried.

Still... the problems I fixed, I fixed slowly, painfully, one by one, taking a year or two each. Look longterm.
Alien woman in flying-saucer hat. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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