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All Hallow's Eve

Dreamed c.1904 by (Mrs.) D. M. Barrett

The dream foretelling the death of two relatives, I had when I was not more than 14 years old. In the dream I thought it was "All Hallows Eve" (by the way, I had not even heard of the name at that time) and a gathering of friends and relations were gathered round the fire in a large and un-known house, talking. We were exceedingly loth to retire for the night as we had been told that we had to sleep each in a separate room, and at midnight 3 apparitions were to pass through each room. If any person screamed when these visitations took place it would mean a death in the family.

The first apparition was that of a stag which simply rushed through the room--no scream was heard this time.

The second was that of a mad bull which bellowed furiously--this time one person screamed.

The third was that of a draped figure "death," which touched each person on the forehead with a cold and clammy hand as it passed through the room--it was truly a horrible sensation and that time I screamed myself.

I was too much afraid of ridicule at the time to mention this dream, but it is as fresh to me to-day as when it happened. The next morning my mother had a letter from Canada stating that my uncle who was living there had fallen down dead on his way home in the evening. Shortly afterwards we had news of the death of my grandmother.

Source: Some Cases of Prediction by Dame Edith Lyttelton (1937); p.47


Lyttelton herself admitted this was a weak, mixed case, in which one could argue several alternatives to prediction: coincidence of course, or some present-time intuition (clairvoyance, telepathy?) without any added predictive element. The uncle had, after all, died days before, and the news was on its way; we don't know about the grandfather.

Still, it's an intense and intriguing dream.

--Chris Wayan

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