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Baring the Breast

Dreamed 2010/2/27 by Carla Young

Sepiatone sketch of a dream by Carla Young: woman at a table, naked above the waist


Have you ever had a dream that seems to resolve a previous dream? Jung tells us that this is to be expected, and that it is part of our natural psychic regulation. This is similar to the way natural physical adjustments take place, for example, sweating to cool the body when you get too warm. I had this dream the night after a chat with Jane Teresa Anderson on Episode 44 of The Dream Show; she pointed out that the title of the dream I told, The Bodice Ripper, could refer to an opening (exposure) of the heart.


I am sitting at a table of arty and intellectual architects. After a while I realize I have no clothes on above the waist. One of the men comes and sits next to me, kissing me on the cheek and saying, "I've missed you." I notice the softness of his youthful face, although his hair is thinning and he must be in his 40s. I say, "I've missed you, too." His name is at the edge of my awareness but I don't quite get it. We're happy to be together but can't think of anything to say. I notice my bare breasts and think I should cover up, but do nothing about it.


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