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Bollywood Love

Dreamed 2009/4/12 by Wayan
I live in a Bollywood film. Rule-caged, I sing
and wait. True Love or nothing! Jeez,
what's True Love even mean?

Moping, I walk the flowered terraces between
Main Library and City Hall. A cruising crowd
loud and happy: all but me. O melanbolly mall!

Hoping, I gawk at flowered dresses, sweet skin,
but I won't answer girl-glances, reined in
by an innate grim Bollywood knowl-

edge: by movie law, I'll never be allowed
to love anyone at all--not unless
it's Bollyfidelity. A Hindu-censored mess!

Then I meet a girl with frizzy hair. She's
healing from Bollywood breakup hell.
We can't even kiss, though huge I swell...

Yet both of us would find a sexy fling
equally rebound-comforting.
But if we tear off clothes and play
won't the Bollyonic Code drive me away,

call her flawed? Is a girl I like enough?
What is the threshold for Bollywood Love?
Or might I ever sandblast
down its stark demands? I never asked

for a Bollywood life, or understand
this high romantic bar. And yet...
here it looms, a wall of fear
for me to leap, for her to clear--

to my sing-out, dance-troupe,
kissless regret.
Somebody spell out how much is enough.
What is the threshold for Bollywood Love?

NOTES Sketch by Wayan from dream of being trapped in a Bollywood movie: a man with moustache and bhindi on forehead embraces a woman with bhindi in magenta top who turns her face away, apparently unwilling to kiss him. Click to enlarge.
Or is it absurd? Maybe it's true
that I'm stuck in an over-romantic view.
Some harsh evidence backs my fear--
since our triangle died last year,
I won't date. Won't even try. Do
I set my love-bar insanely high?
Living inside this film may keep
me sealed off, singing, til I die.

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