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Digital comic of a 1984/2/11 dream by Chris Wayan

I drew "Brown Dress" (with a mouse and only 16 colors) in December 1990 (the 1991 date on the piece is for the revision). This far back in the Stone Age, screens were very low-res; on modern monitors, the text looks microscopic. So here's a doublesized version. Chunky, but more readable.
If this is too big or slow, switch to the original-size Brown Dress. (Shouldn't take any extra loading time--your browser just re-sizes the pictures it already loaded.)

Brown Dress dream: cover of comic.

Brown Dress page 1

Brown Dress page 2

Brown Dress page 3

Brown Dress page 4

Brown Dress page 5

Brown Dress page 6

Brown Dress page 7

Brown Dress page 8

Brown Dress, back cover: dancers in brown rags, and the words: It isn't easy dancing up a revolution, but brown dress or not, you might as well dance.

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