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Dreamed 2008/6/24 by Wayan

Woman & daughter peer down at me in a cubicle. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

My bedroom's a windowless cubicle with a futon in a dark maze of unknown size. The only light comes from a hole in the ceiling. Through it, a young mom and her daughter look down on me. The lack of privacy bothers me, but at least they're friendly.

But it sure is noisy! Drills and sanders out in the hall, as the new owner renovates. So I leave--find some friends and head for a huge underground parking lot. Spot my car. My friends pile in...

I climb in the drivers seat--but not alone! I'm curled around a slender dark-haired girl whose hands and feet are really on the controls; but I move her hands! Or does she move mine? Hard to say--luckily we think alike, so it works smoothly. Co-drive!

We follow a curving exit lane. Swerve around a fetally-curled-up woman in the way--is she praying or crying?

But we're escaping--see daylight ahead.

Out into that light. A great city--Los Angeles I think. We drive up a winding road on the steep south face of craggy hills. Rim of the World Drive? Surreal.

Nervous comments from the back seat: "Don't run us over the cliff, you two."

I'm nervous too, but we cling to the curves just as I cling to hers... we drive well together--better than alone. We wind east, then curve north. The view turns spectacular. Sunset, cliffs, a sea of city lights far below...

Cubicle no more! By co-driving.

Man & woman co-drive a car, bodies almost fused. Sunset light. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Sunset, car winds along mountain-flanks above huge city. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


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