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Double Dream

Dreamed before 1963 by Anonymous #23 & #24, mother and daughter

Finally, two letters that seem to be worth quoting in full. For reasons that will emerge later, I decided to reject the dreams they describe as examples of precognition; but both of them are so curious and fascinating that I feel they deserve a place here. The first dream comes, as well it might, from Ireland:

In my dream I was driving my car along a road near my home, and quite suddenly, out of nowhere, it seemed to me, a little girl about three years of age appeared right in front of the car. I did all I could but found it impossible to avoid hitting her. On getting out, I was told that she was dead. I looked at her as she lay in the road, and felt completely shattered, though I had never had a chance to save her from what seemed to me to be her inevitable fate. I must stress that feeling I had of inevitability.

When I awoke, I realized with horror that I had to drive down that road that very morning, on my way to lunch with my youngest daughter, and I decided to be more than usually careful. On approaching the spot, I looked round most carefully for any sign of children, and there were none in sight, only about five women standing at a bus stop. Relieved beyond words, I glanced down at my speedometer to check, and on lifting my eyes, was completely horrified to see, standing still in the middle of the road, the little girl of my dream, correct in every detail, even to the dark curly hair and the bright blue cardigan she was wearing. I was afraid to use my horn, in case I startled her and precipitated what I felt was going to be a fatal accident, so I slowly brought the car to a halt, just beside her. She never moved, but stood staring at me.

Meanwhile, the women in the bus queue made no sign of interest, and no one tried to get such a young child off the busy road. In fact, they seemed more interested in the fact that I had stopped. Feeling very shaky, I continued on my way, and looking in the mirror, I saw that the child was still standing there, and nobody was bothering about her. By the time I got to my daughter's flat, I was over half an hour late.

When she opened the door, she was looking very worried and upset, and said how glad she was to see me safe and sound.

I asked why she had been so worried, as I have been driving for over thirty years, and she looked at me and said, "I know that, Mummie, but you see, last night I had a terribly vivid dream. In this dream you ran over and killed a lovely little girl, dressed in a bright blue cardigan and with lovely dark curly hair!"

Now I will admit that the professional storyteller in me could not help feeling suspicious. With its neat "twist" or "pay-off" at the end, this account of a dream and what followed it seemed too good to be true. So I asked for some confirmation, and received it--not only from the writer herself but also from her husband, to whom she told the dream in the morning and related the waking events in the evening, and from her daughter, who did have in fact the dream she immediately described to her mother. There was, then, this double dream about the mother running over and killing this same little girl. But it is obvious from the behavior of the spectators along the road that there was no actual child there, only a phantasm out of the double dream.

Telepathy, and not any Time effect, was at work here. Whether the daughter took the tragic little-girl-episode from the mother, or the mother from the daughter, we cannot tell. Some people might argue that the mother's dream was precognitive, based on what her daughter would tell her 12 hours later. But this explanation seems to me far-fetched--and why, in any case, should only the mother catch the dream and not the daughter? What is certain is that this fascinating double dream is well worth the attention of ESP experts and researchers.

--J.B. Priestley

The second dream-letter Priestley considered (after investigation) not to be straight prediction but something more complex was Gravestone. --Chris Wayan

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