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Deer Versus Pigs

Dreamed 2015/5/20 by Chris Wayan

Two schoolgirl friends (matching green hair), one human, one a doe-mare. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Doemares and Pig People

Alien exchange students are flooding into my school. Until this semester, though, none have been in my classes. I look forward to meeting them. Our theater class teacher says we will soon, in the advanced module--they're going to teach us furry burlesque!

There are at least two species, quite different. When I've seen them around campus or in the cafeteria, I'm attracted to one species--a vaguely cervine/equine people.

At last some of these deerhorses join our class... and I find them adorable.

I flirt madly with all the doemares.

My human classmates totally mistake this for just politeness, or a technique from some previous class on How To Handle Aliens. They're sure I've been trained or met them before, because of course I couldn't REALLY want to fuck a... creature.

But I do. Way more than I want any of my stupid classmates. Well, a few are all right. But these furs are consistently elegant.

Unlike humans.

But I bet the other species won't be so easy for me to get all cozy with. The pig people. Fat, shiny, pink... and garbage-eating. Okay, that's kind of a useful survival skill, given our cafeteria... but still.

No pigs have joined our class yet, so I haven't had to socialize with any of them, but I suspect my wonderful "technique" will vanish in that half of our module on Furry Burlesque.

I just can't fake enthusiasm I lack--with pigs or (let's be honest) most of my human classmates.

'Porcine Odalisque', a dream sketch of a pig-woman by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Deermares Sing

I wake up. Write the school dream down. Sketch. Deermares, humans or pigs, huh? Should I feel guilty for skinnyism? I AM one... And I'm just not ATTRACTED to those plump busty types. Plenty of men (and women) are... but not me. Or is it about looks at all? The deer were sensitive but shy, the pigs enthusiastic but crass. No news that I prefer introverts! I THINK the message of the dream is: Be polite to pigs, for they aren't trying to gross me out (they sincerely like garbage!) but don't hang with them, out of mistaken egalitarianism! I have a right to my preferences.

At last I close my notebook, get up, and head for the kitchen. Wait... I'm back in my parents' house! Seems empty, but I hear faint voices in back. Women laughing, singing. Follow them into the living room. It's empty, but the TV's on, turned low.

On screen: animation. A herd of talking does or mares--in this scene at least, all the speaking parts are female. They look a bit like Princess Celestia in "My Little Pony"--slender, leggy quadrupedal people: well adapted for their hot savanna. Africa? If so, it's a clean, candy-colored, predatorless, humanless Africa where My Little Pony princesses rule. They're more delicate than horses or zebras, more like small deer; I wonder if they're equine at all? Could they really be talking antelopes? But they're all quite hornless (unlike Princess Celestia, a winged unicorn) and with mares' manes & tails. Many are dyed--in every color, cool as well as warm. Or else they naturally come in blue, gold, purple, maroon... Now that's very 'Little Pony'... but these ponies are not Little.

So graceful. And naked! Except for their Cutie Marks--those brands on their 'My Little Pony' butts, summing up their personalities and life-callings. Tattooed on these more adult, realistic flanks, the symbols help draw my eye to nearby sexy bits the Little Ponies somehow never show...

I think these mares are really hot! But I suppose it's a kids' show, and romance just won't come up. And yet, what a sexy parade...

A herd of deermares singing; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Princesses Celestia and Luna from 'My Little Pony'. Click to enlarge.
Princess Celestia (right) from "My Little Pony"
The deermares sing constantly, chorally, beautifully. Lyrics scroll by.

Between two verses, a warning pops up: "Two-part show!" So the plot won't resolve today. Nice of them to warn us...

What is this show? I want to know. Because it's sexy, AND because it's proof that the deermares in my dream weren't just symbols of something internal. The dream was predictive! Yeah, they were different--bipedal students in America not quadrupedal singers in a fantasy Africa--but still sexy deermares. Somehow my dream sensed I'd stumble on this TV show soon after! That deer/pig dream probably did mean "hang with deer, with introverts" but it's also evidence for ESP!

Then...I wake again. I'm in my home not my parents', there are no notes on my dream-pad, so I wrote my interpretation of the deer/pig dream inside a later dream... but even now as I deduce this, I'm still half dreaming. You see, for long minutes I'm sure the "My Little Pony" choral scene was REAL television, a show I just glimpsed last night--I want to track down this show!

It's several minutes before this delusion fades, and I realize the choral scene had explicit nudity that just wouldn't be broadcast. No, both were dreams--and the TV dream came second. It had to, to convince me the earlier dream was predictive.

Sigh... not proof of ESP after all.

Just of intentionality. Dreams aren't some random taking-out-of-mental trash. Wow, what an elaborate prank!

Notes Next Morning--Really Next Morning, This Time!
Thumbnail of a pig-woman, 'Porcine Odalisque', a dream sketch by Wayan.

What strikes me now is the contrast between the uninhibited, fearless singing mares (the "My Little Pony" herd grown up and sexy) versus those timid blue mares in "Snow Stallion" letting themselves be pushed around by an alpha male. Who was pink as a... pig?

Sorry. No grand, final insight this time. Longterm dreamwork in progress... I guess.

DEER & PIGS: school - animal people - genetic engineering - deer, horses & pigs - babes, hunks & sexy creatures - flirting - brains
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