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Detachable Penises

Dreamed 2012/8/9 by Wayan

I don't have an erection. I have two. Big penises, side by side, an inch or so between them. Poke each one--yes, the nerves work, they each feel the touch of fingers. Left penis, right penis. And the sensations are normal and familiar. How can that be? If our brains have latent lobelets to map extra organs onto, could I feel and use OTHER currently nonexistent limbs--wings, a tail?

Then I find the left penis is detached now. No pain or blood--I check--not even a pop as it came loose. No stump or socket or anywhere to reattach it. Suspect the right penis is detachable too, and worry I'll unintentionally pop it loose. Grope for a pocket to carry the loose left-hand penis home.

I better make an appointment at the local clinic and ask them what to do about a detached penis.



Life distracted me; I forgot to ask for an elephant or octopus dream. But such a dream, whether I did map tentacular sensations or not, would just deepen the riddle: how can a brain do this?

One "explanation" doesn't explain much: I'm feeling stuff my brain has no lobes to register because I don't feel it in my brain. Shamans were right, neurologists wrong. The brain's just a tuner, not the music station; in dreams the consciousness can tune into other bodies, other brains. Unproven and unhelpful as a theory, but at least it fits the data. "You are your brain" falls short.

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