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Dinosaur Grade

Dreamed 2006/1/25 by Wayan

As I head for college, the traffic's dense. My
bike's a Hypercycle: recumbent, low. I fear
drivers won't notice me, down by the pave.
Unnoticeability's scary--and I have to steer
one-eyed as Odin, for tottery I
can't free a tillerhand to clear
      my hood away.

Up a hard switchback slope. Feels steeper than
I recall. Blame the bike! You pedal harder on
a recumbent--that leverage lures you to kick.
Oughta gear way down. Plus, I've been sick--
Really ought to kick back.
      On I clack.

A bearcub browses by the track. Uh-oh. Where
is mom? A heathered buttress looms over next
switchback elbow. More cubs graze--but they're
big as hippolets, and feathered! Never bears;
      young stegosaurs

and frilled triceratops. Yipe! Mom grazes there,
sixty times my bulk. And what a warning glare!
I puff on up the scarp of deep time...
      No wonder it's such an exhausting climb.

I bike up the slope of time past dinosaurs. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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