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Eat the Moon

Dreamed 2013/9/4 by Wayan

I'm at a party. Evening. Yard. A tea-stained pregnant moon ascends
blue gulf behind the oak. Not Luna--this moon's ringed! But no,
the alien halo slow-dissipates to arcs: just contrails curiously curved
and momently aligned; mere atmosphere. And those twin lights,
eyes bright on the moon rim, must be planes just passing;
jets in the night.

But heartbeats pass, the moon snails higher--and the lights cling firm.
Volcanoes, comet strikes? But not red wounds; a steady white. Palomar
and Keck will see; confirm their artificiality. I stride across yard; hope-fear
my parallax-shift will reveal they're not lunar: near. No. Two stars persist!
Eyes on the disk.

At last I can't resist a lunar trip--side-slip into shamanosphere. Here
the moon is small and near, hung in a willow tree, touchably low.
Sidle up to Luna slow, so as not to scare. Like a shy girl in a bar.
The moon's the skull of a deer! The lights, two shards of glass. Or are
those deer-eyes true jewels? Kalgoorlie opalescences within
flash and mist.

I lift the wary moon from willow branch. Pocket eyes, slip her skull in
a deep soup bowl. Add water, wash. Uh-oh. Do I plan to stew
and eat the moon? But she's corpse-bone. Shreds of sinew
and skin; velvet scraps rot on the horn. Flay to bone, and brew
the reeking shreds. Surprise! The soup's a putrid mess. I
can't eat this!

Wait--who forced me? I chose, and I can un. Apologize to her deer soul,
pull out her skull, pat her dry, and hang her high on willowfork
clean-boned, and walk away, my coyotish cookery nearly all undone.
And yet I won

der. In my pocket, opaline deer-eyes still hide. As I side-step and return
to the human party, doe-innocent as from a stretch or smoke on the lawn...
will the moon-towns be gone? Oh, they can't yet shine; decades too soon!
Had to be done.

But here in human time, where jewel-eyed deer are still as absurd
as lunar cities premature... will my pocket be bare? Or aglow
with light to come?

Rings around moon, deer skull in tree, two glowing stones in a pocket: sketches of a dream by Wayan


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