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Early digital picture of a 1990/3/2dream; file damaged, repainted in the early style, 2000. By Chris Wayan.

I dreamed that zombie monsters were hatching out of the Earth. My friends and I found their underground nest of stone eggs, but we couldn't stop their growth. So instead, we tried to shape the hatchlings into non-monsters.

At first, I was a brave, beautiful, but overintellectual Dancer, who sat and brooded on the stone eggs like a mama bird and tried to talk and reason them into transformation... and failed.

Dancer sits on stone eggs, under a cloud of tangled thoughts. Small dragon licks an egg and pictures a Pegasus hatching. It does and flies away joyfully. Dream sketch by Wayan; click to enlarge.
Then my viewpoint shifted into an earthy, rather ugly but intuitive Dragon, who scrabbled and pawed and licked the eggs, visualizing the winged horse I wanted to hatch...

...and it did!

Oh, he flew with such joy...

A pegasus colt seen in a dream, with golden wings, black mane and tail, ruddy coat and green eyes.

Reason failed. Only visualization and touch cracked our egg problem.

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