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Early digital picture of a 1990/3/2dream; file damaged, repainted in the early style, 2000. By Chris Wayan.

I dreamed that zombie monsters were hatching out of the Earth. My friends and I found their underground nest of stone eggs, but we couldn't stop their growth. So instead, we tried to shape the hatchlings into non-monsters.

At first, I was a brave, beautiful, but overintellectual Dancer, who sat and brooded on the stone eggs like a mama bird and tried to talk and reason them into transformation... and failed.

Ballerina in torn tights sits on rainbowy stone egg, tangle of thoughts in a cloud around her. Small dragon licks an egg and pictures a Pegasus hatching. It does, and flies away joyfully.
Then my viewpoint shifted into an earthy, rather ugly but intuitive Dragon, who scrabbled and pawed and licked the eggs, visualizing the winged horse I wanted to hatch...

...and it did!

Oh, he flew with such joy...

A pegasus colt seen in a dream, with golden wings, black mane and tail, ruddy coat and green eyes.

Reason failed. Only visualization and touch cracked our egg problem.

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