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44K, 1990? Digital drawing on digital drawing by Chris Wayan

Over the years I've done computer-art demos, I've learned two universal rules. The first thing humans do with a paint program is behead and splinter a figure, using the loudest, most jangling colors possible. And the first animation anyone does is to make someone swallow someone else.

"As below, so above," to misquote the witch saying. As with individuals, so with society. Our world fragments because we're playing with fragmentation. When we get bored with things that go boom, we'll start the harder task of learning to use our new tools for something coherent--constructive.

Meanwhile, keep your head down, and don't get glass in your eye.

A cartoony face, with the words 'Societal fragmentation is pretty. Let's video my face and shatter it.'(faintly, the word 'blind,' then) 'Gems in my eyes.'

The background is a bit hard to see well on the web; it's an infinite grid of talking heads on little flying TVs...

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