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Freaky Dream,
Heart in my Stomach

Dreamed c. 2004/3/30 by Ratiries Steelclaw

I dreamt about one of my online friends called Lyx... and this is pretty much what happened in that dream. Just don't ask... we all know dreams don't make sense.

Made a comic of it, though... really quickly made in open canvas, with the... (dundundun) COMPUTER MOUSE! I need a tablet.

Cartoon of a dream by Ratiries-Steelclaw of VCL. Two canine girls are arguing. One feels like her heart is in her stomach. The other one opens her up and says 'Yes, it is--if you don't like that, why'd you eat it?' Copyright permission requested. Where are you, Ratiries?

And yes, that's Rati (me) only in a little more "ordinary" form ;p

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