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Giraffe Mission
The Seventeenth Foot

Dreamed 2017/1/30 by Wayan
For the ghost of Dr Seuss

Sunny day in the Mission. My friends and I joke
By the old movie hall--the church still dark,
Unrestored, not yet hipster-polished unto
Cacaphony bar with brass microbrew.

Guess I boasted a bit. My friend the giraffe
Loses patience: "At your viewpoint I laugh!
No-neck petty." Grabs my hoodie in teeth,
And lifts me seventeen heart-thumpin' feet
Up. Seventeen? Yes, I know precise height
For we constantly tease him about it. He's right.

Till sixteen, I see just our neighborhood row,
And friends--Smokin' Swan, Thriftshop Doe,
And Refugee Fox. But at final extend,
Twanging himself like a tan rubber band,
Guru Giraffe uplifts me to see
Over the viewblocking rep-house marquee.

Miles in a burst! Mountains, clouds, towers
Downtown where those dicks flaunt capital-power.
Iron smiles span the bay. Horizons don't grow
Smoothly out as we climb! First blind, then aglow,
I blurt "Sorry, Raff. I just didn't know."

Giraffe sets me down like a kitten. Now I
Need a grimoire--find a spell so I'll fly
At will--loft at least--just a Mission balloon.
Need broad vision more! For a brief dose alone
Won't cure your narrows. To know the world, you
Need to stick out your neck. Heads up! Giraffe view.

Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Chart plotting breadth of vision/distance of horizon versus height in areas with homes & small shops. Sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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