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Half's Hard

Dreamed 2014/11/24 by Wayan

Iron shanks stud the dead field, wan-lit by moon.
Statues aborted, robots slain? No: not all
Undone. One done--parts all here! And human-tall
But human not at all--a feline feverdream.

Yet I met that leopardess. Portrait of a real!
AND a sex toy. Riven. A yard-long arc of steel
Torn loose: one flank and tail. A vexed boy
Leans on an engine dead, ponders how to heal

Panthera somnis, but his erection steel-hard
Distracts. Desperate to fuck NOW. Needs the pard.
He burns too much to safely weld. He glares at her,
at me, frustrate. Mute-waves a monkey wrench

At the loose wind-rattled wedge of wench. Says
"Half a vagina's hard to fuck." Jagged, ow! I guess.
Impasse! It whirls, it weathervanes like this:
Sex vexes repair, but the needed fix blocks sex.

Moonlit field, broken sculpture of a leopardess and a welder with an erection. Sketch of a dream by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



I finished the Mertiger--dense foamrubber muscles, wooden bones, fake fur. But because of the dream, I added a muscular silk-lined vagina too. So the mertiger's simultaneously a surreal artpiece AND the world's largest sex toy. Feels nothing like masturbation or a vibrator, way more like sex with a partner--a whole-body workout, and not just physical! Emotional too, because the tiger has a weird presence.

The dream was right. It worked. I'm still ill, going thru painful med tests right now--but at least sex-frustration isn't heaped on top. I call myself single, I'd love to find someone if my health improves... but meantime, I don't feel quite so alone.

This dream's embarrassing, but I feel driven to post it. Partly it's the vivid images, but also... I want to correct the widespread belief that dreams only deal in universals--archetypes or drives common to us all. Not this! The trouble this dream addressed was kinky & unique--yet the dream found an equally kinky & unique solution... that worked.

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