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Dreamed 1989/12/31, New Year's Eve, by Chris Wayan

A panel of idiots with degrees is interviewing a fascinating woman on TV. I thought they said she was a Jungian analyst but they say it again and I was wrong.

She's a Jungian anima.

Wow, an archetype on TV! And ready to answer any question about the inner world, too! She says she hopes to talk about how well humans' religion and psychotherapy has been integrated with their physical healing techniques--in her opinion, not at all. She points to the entrance to the psych wing of the interviewers' own medical complex... a long rickety stair up to an awkwardly stuck-on annex. A perfect symbol of the whole white male medical attitude toward the psyche. A stuck-on afterthought...

But she gets no opportunity to talk about the political side of psychology. See, as an anima, a part of the unconscious, she's only capable of "primary process thinking"--jargon for mythical, dreamlike thought. Animas can't reason or understand politics or math or science. Every panel of idiots knows that. So they ask her simple, safe things, patronizing things. They underestimate her so profoundly I'm insulted just listening.

And as they try to get her to jump through simple hoops, she regresses on stage--from numinous goddess, to a human genius, to an ordinary woman, to a scowling teen, to a protesting child, and finally to a talking animal. Her manifestation here--her bandwidth--is limited to what they'll believe.

And they believe in idiots.

And every time she becomes less like a man, they dumb their questions down, and the goddess turns less respectable, and repeats the truth in simpler terms...

And they dumb it on down...

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