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Dreamed 2011 and 2013/11/19 by S--

silhouette of woman playing pan-pipes


Dreams matter to me. I've had beautiful dreams, frightening dreams, precognitive dreams, and recurring dreams that began in childhood that I am still trying to understand. When awake, I've had remote viewing experiences; when I rely on my intuition my life becomes very, er, um, interesting.

I often dream of a man I'll call P--. Many of my dreams have been relevant to his work or personal life, and at times he was able to offer illuminating insights into my own. This has gone on for decades, though we haven't been in the same room together since the early 90's.

dreamed 2011

I was in a new place, next to a bend in a river, and was sitting beside a man with a beard who I'll call Y--. He was teaching me something about poetry and music. We were on a raft on the river, a circular raft, and I was teaching a poetry lesson and playing the flute.


I moved to a new town in the Southwest. I went to sit with a Sufi group. I was sitting in the circle with my eyes closed and when I opened them there was Y-- sitting across from me, looking at me. This frightened me. I was drawn to him like a magnet--but I wasn't ready. He offered me his hand, tried to spend time with me, but I was frightened and not ready and, well, I was still, in my heart of hearts, still in love with P--.


Walking back home from my stroll along the river, I decided I felt ready to start seeing Y--. As I walked up the hill toward my new home, I said to myself with a sigh: "Maybe that dream of Y-- meant it is time, now, to open my heart again to someone new." And then I asked my innermost self: "If he asks me again, if he finds me and asks me again, should I say yes? If this is true then send me a sign."


dreamed 2013/11/19

I was making my way through the terminal of an airport and took a route that I though would let me avoid running into someone, though in the dream I did not know who that was. So, of course, as I turned a corner I saw P-- and his son and his wife. His son was on a grey pony and dressed in western wear and his wife was walking away but had her head turned back with no intention of turning around and P-- was walking towards me. Then I woke up.

But when I woke up I was inside another dream. Now P-- and I were in a piano bar and he was sitting at the baby grand playing one of Chopin's Nocturnes. The ascending and descending minor scales flowed towards me. I was standing inside the curve of the instrument, so glad that I was there to hear him play. I walked over to him, stood behind him, complimented his playing and he demurred, "I can't play at all." And I said, "I promise not to do anything your wife would not approve of; just let me stand here a while and listen to you play."

Then he turned to me, took my chin in his fingers and before he kissed me he said, "Let's go to my place."

And I woke up, sadly, wishing I were still dreaming because none of this could happen in real life--in the dream we were so young, so very young.


I got up and wrote an email describing the dream to him but did not include the kiss or the reference to his wife.

Afterwards, I went back to sleep and dreamt of him again. I can't remember the specifics, only that in the dream my laptop started making a strange music and I thought I was awake, but when I woke up I found it was just another dream; my laptop was silent.

I guess I will have to wait and see what happens next.



So did you take that dream as a "yes"? Your mutual longing comes through--but in the dream your ethics won't let you stoop to an affair or try to pry him away from his family. You literally "wouldn't dream of it"! So despite reciprocated desire, this IS a dream of finally letting go.

Both dreams involve music-playing. Could be literal advice--you'll find love playing music (or at least dating musicians). But "play" might be a pun, too. If so, the dreams may have some advice beyond "take a chance"--they could be saying that for you now, sex/love should be play. And if it's work tangled in duty, drama or guilt... find someone else who CAN play with you!

--Chris Wayan


I did go back to the Sufi circle this past week and lo and behold, there was the man with the beard. And you know what, he was PISSED OFF at me, still, even after a year he was still mad and refused to speak to me. Wow.



OK, now I DO have advice. Holding a grudge for a year is not play. Those two dreams don't say where to look, but WHAT you need is clear. You need a non-jerk.

--Chris Wayan

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