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Reflections in the Pool

Dreamed 1994/7/2 by Chris Wayan

One night I found myself in a glass maze. In starlit mirrors, the faces of preachers and gym coaches mouthed contradictory commandments at me... Ignoring them, I wandered deeper, till at the maze's heart, I found a steaming pool. Chill fog slithered above and a few snowflakes fell. But I slipped naked into the water--and even as the snow fell, I was warm, in the riddle's core...

And then... I was not alone. She coalesced from a current. We made love, fused... and from us, from the pool's glowing depths and the reflections of the mirror-maze, flowed great cats and sphinxes, crowding out the preachers... till all was silence, all was magic, all was love.

Tinted pencil drawing of a dream, 'Reflections in the Pool': I floated in a glowing pool at the heart of a maze, with making love with mermaids and sphinxes. Click to enlarge.
And in that luminous, breathable sea swam sphinxes and their kin: winged cheetahs, levitating leopards, tiger angels. They swarm and soar--wild, splendid, wise.

And then I freeze in horror. They're FIGHTING. The sphinxes ask riddles, and tear at any who go blank or err. Haven't they learned a thing in three thousand years?

Furious, I dive into the whirlwind--a devil among angels, with my black bat wings. They fear me, and I USE that. I force the fighters apart with a scornful riddle of my own: "Is THIS what you want? Is THIS all your beauty and wisdom and wings are for?"

They visibly wonder: "Devil? Man? But he questions like a sphinx!"

Tinted pencil sketch of a dream: Batwinged, I flew between warring animangels and ordered them to stop. Click to enlarge.
And then, in the wheeling melee, gliding on devil-wings, I turn my riddle on myself. "Harshly questioning your own motives all the time... aren't you guilty of inner war? Murder by riddle! Is that what YOUR genius is for?"

Why fight my own sphinx-nature? Let me challenge others, be a whole-hearted gadfly... and leave myself in peace.

As I shame (and thus save) the cat-angels, with my nagging, embarrassing questions... I suddenly can't help yelling to them all, "I love it! I LOVE this job!"

And wake.

Tinted pencil drawing of a dream, 'Reflections in the Pool': in a glowing pool at the heart of a maze, I made love to a mermaid.

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