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The Self-Made Cow

Dreamed 2013/4/10 by Wayan

Sketch of a dream by Chris Wayan: a pink stuffed cow-person I met in Santa Cruz. Click to enlarge.

I'm in Santa Cruz, ambling around the Boardwalk cove with my cow friend, the pink one. She's a huge stuffed toy, pony-sized, magenta and pink and fuchsia.

I've known her for years, but only now do I notice that what I think of as her face and body isn't all original equipment! She stitched on (well, hired someone to stitch on; hooves aren't dexterous) fabric accessories--huge fuchsia lips, a flowerlike third-eye thingie between her horns, a sort of floral mane, scrollwork decorations in pink and purple felt on her sides.

I try to look through her recent alterations to the original shape of her head. It was leaner, plainer--the skull of a feral cow, a wary cow, a cow out alone in dry, bitter brush.

Yet now she looks rich, even ornate. To a large extent she's a self-made cow!

And maybe I should shape myself, too.



Well, despite the dream's hint that something's up with my sister, she didn't call that day, and I was overwhelmed by tax work, and I forgot to call her. But today she called me...

She's been reeling. As a kid, she split off her rebel side to act like a good girl--our dad criticized her mercilessly. Now that lost rebel-part has resurfaced. She can't stand to be around anyone. The day before I had the cow dream, she wrote a song about this good-girl mask, SOS. A key phrase: "Smile! Keep your stuffing in."

So she went to her therapist to talk about this. The shrink urged her to hug a pillow--a plush fuchsia pillow meant as a heart, but to Miriel it looked like big red puffy fabric lips. She felt repelled. Smile! Keep your stuffing in.

So she tested her new song on her friend Scott. His feedback:

"You are a strawberry milk cow."
I know Scott; he's strange enough to have said that. But his unpredictable response sure changes how I see my dream! My labored speculations on cows, pink, stuffing, lips and third eyes seem pointless. Forget symbolism! This was spill-over.

And how many of your dreams are? Ha! Here we all sit, earnestly interpreting our bizarre dream symbols... when some aren't symbols at all.

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