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Summon A Second Her

Dreamed 2010/3/9 by Wayan


I just read Man and Time by J.B. Priestley. On a broadcast, he asked the public for anomalous experiences with time; and got over a thousand responses, some of them extraordinary. Using these, he slowly buttresses arguments for a three-dimensional time: Time 1, linear, time as we experience it daily; Time 2, a fixed 4-dimensional space that allows predictions; the physicists' spacetime. Time 3, the alterations in that space we're able to make with will and knowledge: either meta-time or a multiverse. His examples make it clear that any theory of time does have to explain both prediction (including some forms of ESP) and thus some preexisting future dimension, but also some flexibility or a sideways time-dimension, whether just occasional branching timepaths or a full-blown many-world theory... in short, the shaman's traditional Tree of Time.

Interesting: most of his correspondents report predictions about either major (often disastrous) matters, or else trivia. But mid-range predictions (even on topics like love and money that you'd expect lots of interest in) are rare. He argues cogently this is signal not noise: suggests that where effort and will are focused, the future is made fluid, unpredictable; it's where events are too big to shift, or else too trivial to try shifting, that the most accurate predictions can be found. Sketch of a time-warp dream by Wayan. A girl perched on a meter-high stone wall plays a flute. Next to her sits the same girl kissing a guy while listening to herself play.

This theory is the first to explain the unusual number of predictive dreams I get, even in this midrange: I refuse to use willpower in most areas.

As I go to sleep, I decide to experiment: try to set my intent, steer my timepath. I focus on getting well. As always when I do try to use my will, I feel something slippery there. Can't quite grasp the illness, can't get leverage. Not as if it's impossible, but as if I shouldn't; as if I'm cheating.

Wake at 2 AM, head still sore. Take Naprosyn and slowly the pain fades. Not a perfect cure but better than mystical willpower--sometimes. Back to sleep...


On a steep street, a teenage girl I know and like suddenly hops up onto a stone wall a yard high, to pull out and start playing her flute. She's in a short many-layered gown of gauze and her long bare legs are in my face. I'm so tempted to kiss her thighs and push my head up under that filmy dress...

But I decide that'd be one-way love. Unrequited. I've hovered and served so often!

So instead, I do something strange: I summon her in another moment of linear time! Her time-double sits on the wall by me, free to enjoy her alter ego's music too. And free for other things. I put my arm around her and kiss her deep... and wake intensely aroused.


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