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Dreams of glass. Supercooled liquid, stony yet fluid, almost metallically musical, full of light (and flaws we can see, yet not touch), glass is crawling with paradoxes--ideal for complex dream symbolism. Shapings and reflections and tintings and prismatic distortions...

On the other hand, it's brittle. Glass breaks. So don't get too Jungian. If you dream a tornado's gonna smash your front window, don't check your psyche--check your insurance.

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ALTHEA'S CHICKEN: by Wayan; 1990/3/27, a nightmare-farce.
My sister Althea decides my house has demons, and hires an exorcist who botches things, so that...
BRANDY'S CURSE: by Wayan; 1996/10/23, a bizarre dream (even for me).
After I saw the film "Surviving Picasso", I dream a friend asks me to remove a strange curse...
DAPHNE THINKS: by Wayan, 2007/6/10, a dream warning of (two?) unacknowledged needs
My co-worker Daphne is snappish & stressed. She meditates, seeking the cause, and becomes a half-newt-half-koi in a huge fishbowl. Up comes a curious AI...
DREAM-DENIERS: by Wayan, 2014/5/31, a dream contemplating the meaning of dreams
In a museum I talk to a stained-glass artist who's a dreamworker like me. But a meme seems to be spreading that says dreams mean absolutely nothing...
GLASS GAME: by Wayan; 1985/9/23, a nightmare.
A swimming pool game with color-sorted broken glass. It's social, it's fun! The whole family can play!
MY GLASS BODY: by Wayan; 1993/9/16, a dream on sensitivity.
After I visit the Glass People, a young glass wizard stalks me home to the Meat World, and says...
GLASS EATER: by Wayan; 1982/12/10, a dream on managing ESP.
I live in an asylum for fragile psychics. When one man over-uses his talent, he compulsively eats glass...
I FIGHT FOR BEAUTY: by Wayan; 1990/1/1, an incubated dream within a dream within a dream.
From Hawaii to Wyoming, I fight for beauty, always waking to find I'm someone new...
JAKE'S MAGIC CARPET; 2006/12/12 by Zhea Zarecor; a poltergeist experience and a reconciliation dream that grew to something more
Not long after Jake died, I dreamed he took me on a magic carpet ride. Since then, I've been flying...
KISS THE GLASS: by Wayan; 1979/9/23, a dream on priorities.
My parents' house is now a sex club. I walk in, and meet my soulmate! But in awkward circumstances...
LILY OXYGEN: by Wayan; dreamed 1984/1/19, drawn 2000; a strong psychic dream.
I'm Emily Dickinson reborn in 2100 as a breeder of hydroponic lilies, till my dad drafts me as an Arctic energy-prospector, where I meet a ghost, a fiery Beast, a new me, and the girl of my dreams...
MS. TRUST: by Wayan; 1993/11/4, a dream of a guarded angel.
I meet my own mistrust: an angel who can't trust ME! So she turns me into a football-playing ant...
RAVENNA: by Wayan; 1994/12/25, a predictive Jungian dream on art & body-image.
In a church-tent, I find glowing pictures of mine I've never seen awake. One's half-done; I work on it.
I wake, and read how Jung, in a Ravenna church, saw luminous images he later learned burned centuries ago!
SLOW PARK FIX: by Wayan; 1996/9/24, a diagnostic dreamtale.
Infected glass-cuts scar the vegan alligators in the park. As part of a cleanup, I'm told to EAT one...
TORNADO INSURANCE: by a car salesman's wife; before 1961, a useful predictive dreamlet
I dreamed a tornado blew our store sign down. It swung down and smashed the showroom window. I told my husband the dream, and...

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