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Capitol Reef

A 1996 erotic daydream cartooned by Wayan


I know exactly where this fantasy came from. The paper said that Capitol Reef National Monument got upgraded to park status. It deserved the upgrade; one of the weirdest bits of Utah.

It was the name that did it. You see, that evening I also saw a science show on cleaner stations in coral reefs--fish go there to be cleaned of parasites by little fish that (usually) don't bite their customers--they'd lose repeat business to more honest cleaners on the next coral head! Adam Smith would be proud of 'em. Business ethics via trial and error. If fish can learn, why can't we?

I daydreamed of the desert and oceanic reefs merging. I saw cleaner-fish eager to clean you intimately (because the customer is always right!), and suddenly I found myself swimming around...

Comics page: I'm a catgirl wandering Capitol Reef, a coral reef in a desert valley between snowy peaks. Fish, seals and dolphins swim in mid-air! We all visit a cleaner-station where fish lick and suck us. I worry about HIV but the cleaners reassure us we're all paper and ink

No HIV here, but no ink either. I penciled this comic but skipped inking. Just added some black crayon for texture, scanned the sketch and upped the contrast, tinted it. I left the funky pencil/crayon textures alone. Crisp inking and smooth color gradients just seemed wrong for a daydream this goofy.

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