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Late April 1998, acrylic painting on 36" wood disk, by Chris Wayan

A view of San Francisco as the city will be, if the sea rises 25-50 feet, as it will if Greenland and/or West Antarctica thaw out. Even here in the capital of Ecotopia, gas-hog cars fill the streets, so I think it'll happen, probably in my lifetime.

Soma and the Mission are mostly drowned, downtown's expensively diked and still threatened, Castro and Noe Valley are coves, Bernal Hill where I live is a now a cape, and Potrero Hill's an island. The strange gray cloudy finger is what the City's fog looks like right now, on some afternoons. No one seems able to predict yet if it'll get denser or disappear as the heat's turned up...

San Francisco, 2050, if the sea rises 30 feet. Click to enlarge.
The flood helped my neighborhood: the noise and traffic of Chavez St is drowned, Precita Park and the middle school are now by the water, and Bernal Hill is a prime picnic spot--the view's better than ever.

So go ahead and burn your gas, jerks. While I bike.

close-up of Cape Bernal and Potrero Island, San Francisco, 2050.

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