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The Dream to Last Years

Dreamed 2004? to early March 2008? by Elizabeth Church

For about five years now I have been dreaming of this guy. Different dreams, same guy.


I am seeing it all through my friend's eyes. She is working at the cash register when this beautiful-looking guy comes walking in. He has black hair a little past the shoulders, long black coat, pretty much all Gothic outfit. He was not pale but he was not tan either. He looked like he worked out some, too. Maybe 5 ft 6 in. He could have stopped anyone in their tracks. But his eyes! His eyes were ice blue.

He walked up to my friend and she said to him, "My friend has the same necklace."

He said to her "I will be seeing her soon."


I was telling my friend about the dream and she stopped me in the middle of "His eyes. They were--"

She cut in saying "--ice blue."

I looked at her like "what the f---?"

She said "He really did come into my work and said that. There was this air about him that made you feel comfortable."

Just weird.


I was so tired that I passed out on the couch. My boyfriend at the time woke me and I went to bed.

I started dreaming that there was fog everywhere and I could hear the black-haired guy's voice, and only his voice, saying "Liz, I need you to awake now. You are in great trouble. Awake now!"

Then I felt a great push. I awoke...

...and my boyfriend was screaming and smoke was everywhere. The house was on fire. We all got out safe and sound, but we lost the house.


I was still depressed about the house fire. What was I going to do about moving out and getting my own place away from my parents?

I was on my way to work and decided to go to Arby's and get some food for supper. I pulled up to the intercom and heard a voice I only dreamed of ever hearing in real life. I was shocked. Total shock. I just keep saying "um, um, um..."

He said "OK, the same as always."

I somehow stated "OK." I drove to the window and to add to my shock even more, he was there in real life, staring at me, smiling. He hands me my food and looks me in the eye. Still smiling, he flat-out told me "Don't worry. Things may seem hard right now, but you will get used to it. Everything will be fine."

I was in total stupid mode. I somehow told him "Thank you" and drove away.

This was not a dream.


I decided to find out who this mystery man was. I told the story to my aunt and she said no one who works there looks like him. But...


My aunt told me he was a fill-in for the day, and his name was Max. But she could not tell me where to find him because of company confidentiality.


I was in my new house waiting for my friends to show up, and there was a knock at the door. I walked out of the bathroom to answer it. I opened the door and there he was smiling at me, like he was finally home.

Then I awoke.


I am just trying to find answers to these dreams. Where is he, is he really real? What the hell is going on? It drives me insane sometimes.



Well, you met him. He's certainly real in both your worlds--dreaming and waking. And he sounds friendly in both, too. Now if he were your boyfriend and was giving you bad advice in your dreams, or was mean to you in waking life but was loving in dreams, then I'd hesitate about what to say. Mixed messages! But this guy is looking out for you night and day. He's just... elusive.

I wouldn't chase him though. Even if you're attracted to him as well as scared. Because whoever and whatever he is, if you're meant to be together more often, he can let you know any time--he sure knows where to contact you.

I've chased two or three magical figures who appeared over and over in my dreams (though I admit they didn't appear in my waking life too. That is spooky, no denying it. But it could be a lot worse. Like hate instead of love.) Chasing them never helped me much. If they didn't want to be found, they couldn't be. This guardian angel of yours may even be a spirit that just inhabits this guy now and then, and if you tracked him down off the job (and I don't mean at Arby's), that spirit might be absent, leaving just an ordinary guy. Maybe you're a magical dream-woman to him, who knows?

On the other hand, if he has access to your dreams, you can contact him that way. Try this: each night as you're falling asleep, say:

"Thank you for protecting me. I'd like to see you again. I'm open to you. I don't understand, but I'm not afraid any more." (Even if you still are, a bit.)
No guarantees, because this guy may have his own pace and agenda. But it can't hurt... and might work.

--Chris Wayan

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