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Dreamed 2008/8/12 by Wayan
The Cult of Clutter's highest priest
in sloppy sanctum finds one day
a waif who's palming small antiques--
clever little jay!

She looks like Emily the Strange:
black cat eyes and raven hair.
Did his Goddess lure her here?
"Child, you may explore."

So Em cracks a picturebook--
but trips a secret switch!
The looming purple idol's wood
starts to twitch...

FOX MOTHER blinks darkhuge eyes,
bends her slow wood head, to lift
squirming girl by shins and ankles.
Pinned in paw, Em dangles.

Fox Mother yawns longwedge jaws,
nibbles on Em's dusty feet!
Hungry? No, just tastes her sole.
Is burglar-spirit sweet?

Fox Mother cradles feralchild
to her nipple--hidden under
scrimshaw fur--a fox-milk offer.
Goddess chooses foster-daughter!

Fox Mother, adopt me too.
Silently I pray and pray
To muddle, feral scrounger, through
until my Tasting Day.

I'll paw and poke
till I provoke
my own Tasting Day.

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