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The Hog and Vibrator Show

Dreamed 2014/11/7 by Wayan

The Hog and Vibrator Show, a nightmare sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A gameshow. Two naked old men are competing. Each must stick his cock in a clear hollow plastic dildo fattening up his shaft, then stick this augmented weenie into a big, strange, flattish vibrator nearly a meter long, fixed to the floor. Gotta hump it till he comes. While the audience watches.

Lots of self-deprecating guy-jokes about how "I can't fill that big empty plastic form as I could when I was young."

No jokes about the grotesque game itself, though. They all take THAT for granted as normal.

The challenge isn't to come first. Or last. It's to come at all. Because the moment their cocks are in the machine, the show releases the hogs. At least a hundred huge pigs pour onto stage. The men, pinned by sex to the floor, may be bitten, gored or trampled by the herd. Or humped themselves. They'd better come fast...

I couldn't do this. I'm slow to come under even safe circumstances. This is a sex game I really don't want to play.

Or do I? What about the Home Version? I'm in my bedroom now; one of the big vibrators sprawls on my floor. I hear my housemates downstairs, but I'm alone. And no hogs in my closet! Safe.

So I lock my doors and try it. Warm and tickly inside the floor-vibrator. Mmm... but then mmm-ouch. It's getting too hot at the far end where it plugs in. I pull out. The unit's smoking! Is it shorting out, or did dust get into the circuitry and burn? I blow on it--dust and ash does puff out two slots. The smoke stops, good... But it stay too hot. Dangerous.

Turn it off. Maybe I can fuck it on residual heat? Try again, but without the vibration I don't come. Or maybe it's just unease. Can't quite trust it now.

The lesson of the Home Version: the problem with this sex game wasn't just the crowd, or the pigs, or the competition. It's technical too. The device is untrustworthy.

People, machines, no different--if you can't trust... don't!

Just don't.
Ailura, a handsewn catgirl sextoy by Wayan. Click to enlarge.



The phone that my sister gave me shorts out. Damn, its camera was good. Back to a landline & my old camera...

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