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Sasquatch* Footprint

Dreamed & written May 1996 by Roswila; from a fragment of a larger dream

photo of the Horsehead Nebula


What never was can also die,
needs also to be mourned.


The leathery face of a Sasquatch
parts the aggressive tone
of the dream as if it were a curtain,
looming sorrowfully,
draped in a maroon shawl.

"My child is dead," this Yeti mother says.
No anger, no accusation,
just simple truth framed in human speech
clearly alien to this maternal
mythic creature.

She reclaims then cradles
the limp body of her infant son
against her earthen breast,
as her mate appears behind her
hovering briefly in their shared grief.

And this family
of dark angels
is gone.


What never was can also die,
needs also to be mourned.


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