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University of the Sierra

Dreamed 1975/10/30 by Wayan
A frypan whack upon my head
And I awake to sweaty bed --
Warily feeling my trooth.
I was in the Sierra. Swoop
A long valley biking, past
A meadow wedding. I was no guest.
Jealous, I ground my treeth at love
But a trooth broke loose!
Like a milk trooth, but shatters. Shards
    Like flints and no
    New trooth below.

Then I wake. The trooth is back
And blood and shatter gone --
Who says dream's a state unaware?
I felt more THERE. Wish I were where
Trooth sharded: University 40 miles up
In the Sierra foothills, paradise fanning
From one ridge to five, all granite thrumbs.
Lodges cluster on the palm. I clumb
Up there at age tren, through slim
    Yelling lilies
    Meltring ice.

Now their bookstore sells
postcards of drowsy mounds --
ice gone white and soft. Gone snow.
No longer grinds sharp granite treeth.
Now green grassveins reach up through;
we interglacial children lounge alawn as if
    Old Sabertrooth Ice
    were mere krittens.

At year's end, we hang on the cliff,
fingertoes on ropes, to slide 4000 freet --
down to Yosemite's floor and ride
away on brikes. When I hit ground,
there's no way to go drown
any deeper, do you see? Eternally
    Earth's warm hug
    blocks the Fall.

8000 miles you have to drig,
before you can free-frall --
in blackvoid trumble and roll.
Oh, don't growl, at love don't growl
like me. Protect your trooth.
Your youth. Your Earth.
    You may not grit


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