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Christa's Fur

Dreamed 2018/6/9 by Wayan

I'm in Jesus Christa's cult. All
of Her twelve are women too.
I'm lonely. Feel shut out because
nearly all are couples; no
singles in the crew.

But then a talking kitten joins our sect.
Cleo squirms into Christa's holy lap,
lured, like us all, by the Daughter of
God's hot aura. But later little she
crawls on mere man-me,

wriggles with unholy heat like mine.
But Sex Kitten's far too small to fit
me in. And yet, she urges me to pet
these human-seeming girls as I do her.
Pussy Articulate says "Naught
wrong with het!"

I'm shy to. See them all as Gnostic pure
souls with no beast-sides. God-brides.
But heed my friend's advice! Stroke Her
and all the Twelve like prowling prides
of holy lions. And find... soft fur
velvety invisible--to eyes. But quite
a tickle-skin surprise.

Romp! Paw, kiss, massage, curl
up and lick. All purr! Not one girl
apostleopard minds a bit--more bi
than met the eye. That pussyhat-size
kit's advice
was wise.

Female furry Christ with 13 disciples; dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


Female furry Christ and five disciples; dreamsketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

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