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Dreamed 2017/8/13 by Wayan
With apologies to Dante and Screwtape

Long dreams--while dreaming, I know that when written up the dreams will be 660-670 words long. Yet I avoid actually writing it down--during slack times in the dream I nag myself to jot notes but don't (though of course they'd evaporate on waking), AND once I wake I stay reluctant. Why?

Dream 1: Devilment

A devil of high
Hellish rank harasses my
family. Pestering falls flat, so she
escalates from threats & bribery
to sabotage--improper though
it is for all angels, fallen or no:
God's law permits seductive speech,
but thuggery's a breach.

Queen Bee-El
kidnaps my grandniece next! I go
gunning for Bee. Archway, carved: Wel-
come to Bureaucratic Hell.
Caverns. Desks. Smoke-shadows, though
mere outer shell, not the searing fire below
the below, at core.

She's broken quite
the deepest devil-rule (for
Lindberghing vies with murder atop Hell's
felony list, like ours) so I've no
squeamishness with desk-devils--
bluntly level--"I'm here
To kill her." Make it scorchingly clear
to the clerks I face at first--timid, mere
low-level devils:

Mortal damned who joined the firm, they sin-
cerely feel they help reform the evil.
Abrasive, I erode them--bevel devils! They
cave and tell. I track her down. And slay.
Defy Deep Hell to punish me. I-
ronic. Her high

Luciferian charge had zero to do
with luring humanity astray; her job was to
tempt souls in Hell to improve themselves
and leave. Leaven till Heaven. But she
obsessed on hassling folks like me.

So I take up her task--someone has
to do it! Why not me? I rehire
her secretary--a sweetie who she fired
for competence; Bee looked bad. Next I

interview workerbees. Shake on their knees.
All agree: my repressive fore-
devil forbade them ever to tell
the waffling billions gridlocked in Hell
how to shape up and go. And yet their role's
to change not mortals but stuck souls.

I let them follow that urge--ignore life to resume
tutoring the damned! A goal I can endorse
sans remorse. Devil-smiles, staff room--
fanglight slowly banishes gloom.
Stars here in abyss.

Devil: a helping profession. I never knew. Did you?

Every devil knows my sin; surely a Prince will come
to avenge her death. But even archdevils feel a glee
that her reign (all those memos of flame) are done.
As a viceroy I'm a nice boy. So they leave me free
to raise...

I confront a bee-like devil who kidnapped my grandniece. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
Happy devils. Charts on wall show surges in worker morale, souls saved and customer satisfaction. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

Dream 2: Develment

I bike a slitherpath through oaken hills,
slouching past Lagunita to Stanford. A brake
dies. The survivor can still
slow me--but not on muscular hills. Must replan

my route around suicide grades. With care I can;
slopes sweep as smooth as sleep. Past the lake,
A meteoric bowl. Homes encrust the wall, but
the flats are a marsh-preserve. Too prone to flood.

End at the marina on staring Walden eye. Where I
overhear a realtor. War on the wild! Her clan
plans a hippo herd of mansions on the reed-road.
Permits signed. Bribes, or plain fraud?

She'll lead a land-rush--stampede will crush
deer, heron, fox. So floodprone, homes here
aren't merely crass but mad. I swear to queer
her profitable devilment. Develment. Though

orthographically reborn (& hid her horn) she still
cheats for gain. This time, will mortal law
halt this devel's treacherous tract, or will
I need to grit my teeth again, and kill?

Marshy lakeshore with fox, deer, heron; overlay of proposed housing tract. Dream sketch by Wayan.
Deer and fox in marsh. Detail of dream sketch by Wayan.

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