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A Beagle, Three Wolves, and a Setter

Dreamed 2009/2/6 by Chris Wayan


Morning: my friend Alder's worried about one of her students, a brilliant but asocial kid. So I start compiling a booklist on geniuses and the severely gifted for the kid's parents.

Noon: a therapy session. My worst fear right now seems to be imposing on others. If I picture it daily, can I get comfortable enough to try it deliberately in small ways? I find it so hard. We should slip through life without bothering anyone... Yeah, right! Thumbnail photo from high orbit of Siphonia, an Earth with 90% of its water siphoned off.

Afternoon: the poet Patagia drops by. She's cheerful if cynical--sings me a new song on the recession and money. Scathing, fun.

Evening: I work on Planetocopia. Add photos, text and a sketchmap to my sea-floor utopia, Siphonia.

Just before bed: read Janet McNaughton's An Earthly Knight. Historical satire set in 1161 and based on two ancient ballads. Two sisters embarrass their aristocratic family--one drowns a serial killer who boasts he's drowned "six little maidens" for their finery. How unladylike to defend onself! The other has Tam Lin's baby and wins him from the Fairy Queen--scandalizing her family. Why can't these girls be good little victims?


Victorian England. Two or three
men of the Royal Society
on an overseas expedition
make a find that rocks the nation.

Was the ship named for a dog? Pecu-
liar! Pigeon-swift, news of the coup
flies ahead to London. In elation,
their funders weave a celebration.

On the Dover train, the men meet three
wolf-girls. High-browed, amber-eyed,
furred but upright, digitigrade,
shaggy-tailed canines. Sisters by

their look. They ask of the fabulous find,
and flirt excitedly, hero-struck.
Adoration of the wildest kind
turns tactile fast. They'd love to...

Their offer shocks the good men frozen.
Biblically literate, they're quite sure
wolves lack souls. They are not pure
enough to mate with Yahweh's Chosen.

For Man is Man alone, himself
above an unbridgeable gulf to Wolf.
And quite aside from Sin, they see
a tawdrier possibility:

these girls (expensive furs!) are whores,
discreetly bought by their own sponsórs,
to reward our men for their showy finds!
They're sure these hounds are hired behinds.

Wellmeaning backers, but business-crass,
procuring such wild exotic ass!
To me it seems more plausible
wolf-girls like heroes, love Nobel

Three wolf girls in a train compartment. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.
types. Science groupies! And what harm?
But these men can't imagine more
than hired acquiescence. Sex-charm
is only for bitches in heat--and whores.

Now I cradle a great leather library
tome (half my weight!) that tells the story
of their (r)evolutionary Beagle voyage.
The flyleaf unfolds to a doublepage

lovely drawing: three wolves in a row.
Over her shoulder each girl peers,
soulfully hoping. One lifts her tail to show
coral lips shining. The vision sears!

For a library book it's shockingly hot.
But fur-lined girls are legally not
nude. And wolves turn off most apes--old fear?
Not me. Such free desire! Though they're

in Darwin's time--they drooled for heroes then.
Yet live wolves posed for that illustration--
the art's too clear for sheer imagination.
Three modern models lope the world of men.

I may just attain what I prowl the earth for:
For suddenly I'm in a brown corridor
in a school, by a friend of mine who teaches.
She introduces me to the cutest of bitches!

Intelligent, sensitive, warm, more so
than any mere human I currently know.
My soul flares up in answering flutter.
Who'd have expected a brainy setter?

Oh, I long to comb and pet her.
Oh, I long to cover and bed her.
Heart pounds. One deep breath I take,
reach out to stroke her cheek... and wake.

NOTES IN THE MORNING Wolf girl looks over her shoulder. Dream sketch by Wayan.

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