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Jake's Magic Carpet

Dreamed 2006/12/12 by Zhea Zarecor
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I lost a person I felt a deep connection to, like a soul mate if you believe in that sort of thing. His name is Jake. I was having a very difficult time dealing with this loss.

A couple days after his death I was at home staring out a window when I felt him right there. I said out loud "Well at least I didn't up and die on you!", then I walked to the front door. The main door was open, with the glass door shut. The glass door swung open and slammed back shut, the glass completely shattering. I knew it was him, pissed off at my selfish comment and attitude at such a time.

Ten months or so after his death I got pretty sick with a cold. All I could do was sleep. I had three vivid dreams during this time... they were all about Jake. I can't remember the first two dreams; but I will never forget the last.

Jake came to pick me up; he was on a magic carpet with two other people who I think were the pilots of the magic carpet. Next thing I know we're up and flying. We went to several places; but, the one which stuck out the most was the Middle East. I was scared to be there because of the war. Jake assured me that we were fine, that we were too high up to be seen. The landscape wasn't the most beautiful I'd ever seen; but, Jake had a smile the whole time--a sweet, peaceful smile. I got the feeling that taking me on this ride in the sky made him feel good; he loved me and this was an expression of it.
Months later I visited my friend Destiny. She had lost her boyfriend around the same time I lost Jake and liked to talk to me about it, about death and the huge loss we both felt. She started telling me about someone she had met who had also been dealing with a death of someone very close. This person had a dream of their departed loved one teaching them how to fly. I instantly remembered the dream with Jake and the magic carpet, and that since that dream I had been having dreams where I can fly. In these dreams I am one of only a handful of people in the world who have this ability; and I am in control of my flying, although I am a little shaky--like I need to practice. I burst into tears, realizing that Jake had come to me that night and shown me how to fly.

I do believe that dream was Jake coming back. At first I was upset, but that changed to a quiet feeling of bliss once I understood what it was about. I think he came to teach me how to fly--not only to help me rise above the pain and loss of the world when I needed to, but also as a gift of love--just because. I hope my experience can help others to rise above.

--Zhea Zarecor


Loss, illness and loneliness are crowbars that can pry you out of ordinary limits and lead you up into new realms. We know about stress--but what about post-traumatic growth?

--Chris Wayan

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