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Dreamed 2004/11/10 by Wayan

Sketch of me as an otter person


I'm a freshwater otter person. A long happy dream of my people--we live in and fish and swim and play in an urban river, Spokane maybe, around its falls. We co-exist with the humans.

Lost the details by now. But I do know I was happy.


I "wake" remembering the dream of being one of the otter people, knowing it told the spiritual truth--I may be in a human body now, but I'm not human.

No wonder, as an artist, I love flowing shapes. Of course an otter likes streamlining! From my bed I can see half a dozen of my sculptures, both figurative and abstract--and nearly all are streamlined, ottery. I've been devaluing my own style because it's nothing like the blocky rectilinear style of major modern artists--still influenced by the cubists a hundred years later!

Most of those "great" "modern" artists are male, of course, and I've blamed my alienation on gender. But all those artists are HUMAN.

Their forceful, ugly blockiness isn't esthetic superiority, sophistication OR masculinity--it's just their species' style! Their dialect. The way of an ape that picks things up.

Mine's different. I'm an otter. I swim through life. Why belittle my own nature? Give up trying to make ape art! Leave it to ape artists.

And then I wake again.

My bedroom IS my art studio. These are what I saw around my room.

a big wet kiss

Blue mer-angel

Cambodian girl

Cat dancer


Elven dancer

Erection 2000

Find someone spiritual, stupid!

Heron harem

Krelkin contemplating

Lonely no more!

Lunar borderguard


Rainbow sleeper

Snake coil

Sphinx in heat

Stone the builder tossed

Tove's dragon

Unicorn orgy


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