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Third Eye

Dreamed 2009/3/25 by Wayan

Dream 1: THREEFOLD MAIDEN, THIRD EYE Three girls flash me; but one has a third eye in there. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

A hot day. In a room with big overstuffed couches and chairs. A cute 20ish girl leans back lazily in one. She's in a loose skirt, shows off legs. Thighs. She fiddles with it, flashes her bare cunt! Hides again. She seems calm and neutral about it; more ventilation than flirting? Yet she does it repeatedly, coolly, clearly not minding my presence. I'm confused--glance, excited, then look away, shy.

Next to her, lying on a sofa, a girl maybe fourteen, possibly her sister, does the same, only more blatantly, lets me see longer, repeatedly. Though she's underage, I feel a little less shy not more, because she clearly likes it when I look.

But then she eyes me too... FROM her cunt! She has a third eye inside, peering out through her labia-lids. She's not flashing, she's PEEKING. Rather than freaking or disappointing me (it makes coital sex unlikely, after all) it just intrigues me. I want to kiss her there.Would 69 work?

Wait... is she flirting? She needs to flash that eye to get a full perspective--for her. The world must look so solid for her!--that is, when she ignores society's rules, strips, and can see it fully--trinocularly.

But her aura says she is flirting with me too, and enjoying it. I don't need a third eye to sense that--I've always felt an emotional field around people (and animals). Luckily, I don't have to strip naked to use my extra sense. Though I can't shut it away. No lids; no labia.

I still feel too shy to talk with her.

Then, next to her, her little sister, only about ten, lounging on a stuffed chair, twitching her skirt nervously, showing me her little bare cunt too, in flashes. With her I'm shy again because she's clearly nervous, excited, unready for any sexual contact, but wants to take the risk and get away with it, be admired, feel the excitement. So just flashes of admiring eye contact are appropriate.

No problem! She's adorable. I beam at her.

But the other two... we need to talk. Maybe more than talk.

Not just the twenty-year-old; the teen, too. Because the dividing line's not the legal age of consent. Quit worrying about that! You can trust the judgment of a girl with a third eye.


Later That Morning

Tell my friend Artemisia the dream. She laughs. "It was the dark of the moon last night. Triple Maiden, huh?"
Raven over futuristic freeways. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


It's the near future. I'm in Silicon Valley, on an elevated freeway. They're automated now; for a small fee, a web-based company will drive your car for you. You just punch in your destination. Only I won't. I'm cheap, that's part of it, but also wary about letting a corporation monitor my every move--more, choose my path.

Oh, it's still legal to drive. For now. But for how long? Driving among the robots cradling their passive passengers, I feel nervous... and old. Lived beyond my era. Now I'm like a feral cat slipping through the cracks in the new collective mind... or womb.

How long will its immune system tolerate me, before...?


Brazilian girl maps modern wars; all in the Old World. Dream sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.


We troop into a college classroom so large that two classes share it. Today, our teacher doesn't show up; so the other teacher shows a film--on the blackboard.

Intermission. I move closer to the blackboard, amid the other class. Seems to be middle or high school--students younger, desks smaller. Mine gouges into my sternum. Wiggle but can't comfortably fit.

A Brazilian girl gets up and proposes to erase the blackboard so the film's Part 2 will have a clean screen. Part 1 was watchable, but it's true the whole board has chalk scribbles, including a map of the Caribbean... She says "Notice how the Caribbean and Latin America never give the world any trouble! The whole New World is way less violent."

True. Every major war on Earth is in Africa or Asia, and that's been true my whole life. Democracies fight, but not each other. It's autocracies that do real violence, 100 to 1. So easy in the daily news-hubbub to overlook the broad pattern! Take them for granted--Europe, the New World and Pacific Rim all suddenly at peace after centuries of war, as soon as democracy takes root.


A third eye in an unexpected place. Dream sketch by Wayan.


What do the three dreams have in common? All I can see is... each explores a different sort of enlightenment:

  1. Sexual, mystical and literal enlightenment (literally: letting light in!) through a third eye. Which requires breaking taboos, baring your private self. That seems to be the price, so that third eye can look around!
  2. Mental enlightenment: steering my own course, self-reliance. Americans in their techno-womb, and me standing out, feral, lonely. Uncouth as Grampy in Into the Dark. Uncouth as a cunt-eye.
  3. Political enlightenment... seeing the obvious. The long view. Beneath the rough surf of present violence, the sly and secret tide of future peace.

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