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1990/2/15, dream-based early digital picture (original just 40 colors, 240 x 480 pixels!) by Chris Wayan

The hawk is me, of course. The cold snowy ridge with great views is how the early Mac years felt to me--they gave us digital artists clarity, but the first Macs (just beige boxes with black and white screens) were colorless and chill. I'm a chaotic thinker and often remember my dreams gradually, scenes out of sequence, so being able to cut and paste my dream-writing helped a lot--for all practical purposes I couldn't write readable drafts before the Mac. So as a writer, I was grateful to Apple.

But as an artist, I longed for color.

And then, in 1988, I got an Amiga and reveled in rainbows. It was like this flame-flowering tree in the digital snow. The ice age was melting and the modern era had begun. Crude and messy, as things always are during a thaw, but begun.


2020 DREAM-CORRECTION I dreamed I was an astigmatic gull. Sketch by Wayan. Click to enlarge.

For years I've been slowly transcribing my old dream-journals. Still have 1985-1991 to go. But I just stumbled on an entry that shows the image above was not a fantasy painted when I got my first computer in 1988, as I thought. It was two years later, and was inspired by a flying dream I'd completely forgotten! No wonder; just one of six that night (1990/2/14); nearly 1000 words. In Sauron's Beachhead, I was a gull, soaring high over the shores of Middle Earth as Sauron attacked by sea. At last I descended to the beach, and to human form, to sabotage Sauron's tanks as they landed. Stopped them sweeping inland to overrun Rohan...

Why a gull not a hawk? A pun. You see, in the dream my sight wasn't hawk-sharp; poor even for a gull. BUT... I had sharp-eyed gullfriends who told me what they saw--what I could not.

That pun had meaning. I was taking a dance class; that day, several girl friends (plus the class's teacher) had set me straight--said I was brainwashed. My body image was falsely negative. They lent me their hawk-sharp eyes!

Trust your gullfriends.

PAINTING: birds - raptors - mountains - trees & flowers - color - dreamwork - computers & the Web - digital dream art - a related painting: Geek Shortage!
DREAM: Middle Earth - I'm Just Not Myself Today! - species-bent dreams - birds - flying - beaches - blindness - dance - friends - puns - body image

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