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I SWORE 2002 was the end! I needed to work in the waking world... so what happened? I live in San Francisco, and when the dotcom bubble burst there were no day jobs. I have lots of free time while I starve! Might as well put it to good use... so I've been painting and illustrating just as busily as when building the World Dream Bank. The list below is only partial, since I mostly added pictures to older dreams crying out for illustrations. Most of these entries are thus non-dream work like DUBIA, TWISTED, and MARS REBORN.

Plus, this year saw the first dreams by others to enter the Dreambank--kudos to Martha Sherwood for braving my hideous editing process! See her "Reconciliation" below.... better yet, add your own dream!

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MURDERS IN HAYWARD: by Anonymous #5; c.2002 or 2003, a psychic nightmare.
I dream I live in Hayward, California. One day my family's murdered. A few years later I find that dream-street is real...
BRIDGE, MOON, PROFESSOR, SHOES: by Dorothea Tanning; 2003? Poem of a flying dream
The moon invites me to go flying, but I get tired of magic and just want to go shopping...
PURSUED, I RAN INTO THE BARN: by Dorothea Tanning; 2003? A nightmare-poem
A monster's out to eat my dog--and maybe me. We get cornered in the barn...
NIGHTMARE STUDIO: by Gary Panter, 2003, a 5-page muted-color comic of his lonely, surreal, Chirico-esque dream world
Rather than a dream narrative, this is a tour through Gary's common dreamscapes--forgotten places, empty streets. Or ones you wish were empty...
CRISSI THE DRIDER: by Brian Harp; 2003/1/16, a recurring dream character
Crissi is a strange creature that has prowled my subconscious for a few years...
XIE MENG!: by Wayan; 2003/1/27, digital portrait of my dream lover.
A warning from my spirit wife, Silky, about the World Dream Bank. Building a cathedral of classic dreams is all very well, but what about NEW dreams?
MANDALA DURING A TIME OF WAR AND DISINTEGRATION: by Jenny Badger Sultan; Jan-Feb 2003, painting of a dream-series
My dreams were troubled by war. So I painted them in concentric rings--lotus, fire, children, animals, and nightmares...

"TELL HIM I SAW HIS HEAD IN A BOX": by James Quinn; late Jan. or early Feb. 2003; a grotesque artpiece spurs an equally odd little dream weeks later
In a museum, inside a Renaissance reliquary, I see a dried-up head. Supposedly a saint's, but unlikely; he lived centuries earlier. Weeks later...
I dream I'm in a cafe, joking with the ghost of my mom, and find myself saying "By the way, if you meet some guy called St. Sixtus, tell him..."
JAREDIA: by Wayan; 770K, 26 illus, early 2003, a nondream sculpture/photoessay/travelog.
I tilted the Earth to create a tropical supercontinent from Bali to Tierra del Fuego. What will evolve there--and on the new tropical Antarctica?
LUCID FLIGHT: by Lisa Reich; March 2003, an ecstatic lucid dream of flight.
I flew as if part of the air--an otherworldly freedom so exquisite I wonder if it's attainable at all in earthly existence...
TURNOVIA: by Wayan; 440K, 13 illus, 2003/4/18, a nondream sculpture/photoessay/travelog.
Turn a globe upside down. All Earth's winds and currents reverse; wet coasts turn dry, dry turn wet; ice caps shift, sea levels change...
LIFE MATES: by Katie Hofgard; 2003/4/19?, a reincarnation-romance dream
Mysterious doings on an archeological dig bring a creature back to life, but this is no Mummy...
TO HELL: by Katie Hofgard; 2003/4/19?, a nightmare of loyalty
I loyally served a demon who punished me until at last he sent me to hell. And STILL I didn't rebel...
CHAKAT: by Katie Hofgard; 2003/4/22?, a dream self-portrait
I dreamed I was a cattaur...
HOMAGE TO CAMILLE: by Wayan, spring 2003. Portrait of a half an anima
A portrait of my dream-friend Silky, using a technique learned from artist Camille Porter.
RED OCHRE, CLEAR LIGHT: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2003/4/2 & 4/21; a painting that blends two possibly premonitory dreams
Mt Everest is snowfree and red; in the next dream I redden a sandstone cave with ochre. I feel uneasy...
RECONCILIATION: by Martha Sherwood; 2003/6/19, a dream-parable
Even after the Resurrection, a mother and daughter still have issues to clean up...
BRIGHT NICHES IN THE CASTLE WALL: by Jenny Badger Sultan; summer 2003. A painting of a series of dreams.
Dreams warning of mania and paralyzing shame alternate with calm dreams of life and growth...
TWISTED!: by Wayan; 2003/6/23, 18 images; a nondream experiment
I twirled pinups into surreal not-quite-abstracts, to see just how twisted sex could get...
FOLLOWING THE ELEPHANTS: by John Goldhammer; 1990s, a ten-year series of short dreams.
Dream-elephants slowly bring me to terms with the early loss of my dad, and lead me out of a cult I've grown beyond...
QUICKSILVER DREAM WYRM: by Orion Sandstorrm; before 2003/7/27; portrait of a recurrent dream character
A bizarre dragon that runs a toyshop and plans revolution. He has skin and eyes like hematite, black and metallic. His presence instills in you a kind of unsettled awe...
SING A HAPPY TUNE: by Wayan, daydream, crayon, 2003/7/27.
A sketch of a whistling punk girl somehow mutated into a fairy holding a songbird of sorts...
DUBIA: by Wayan; summer 2003, a nondream sculpture/prophecy/travelog.
What Earth will look like 1000 years from now, with doubled CO2, flooded coasts and melted poles...
RESERVATION FOR BIZARRE AND EXTINCT BEASTS: by Orion Sandstorrm; before 2003/9/7; ukiyoe of a dream
A futuristic science fiction adventure dream. We rode a feathered, bipedal dinosaur, and got chased by...
PUT TWICE AS MUCH IN: by Wayan; 2003/9/22, a dream warning how much it takes to change
All the claymation figures I made in my teens are gone but one. And the centauress has a broken hip and spindly leg.
I start to mend her, but I need TWICE the clay I thought...
MARS REBORN: by Wayan; 15 pages, 27 photos, 2003/9/22, a tour of a sculpted/virtual world
Mars as it will be 1000 years from now, terraformed. A guided tour with photos...
TIGER PODIUM; c. 2003/9/29 by Monica M; a predictive dream
The stage curtain opens. Tigers sit on podiums. In the center is a great big one with blood all over its mouth. A few days later...
THE MUMMY: by Wayan; 2003/10/13, a Rarebit Fiend nightmare.
A horror film and Rick Veitch's dream-comix provoke a nightmare warning me that guilt about my dad is wrecking my life...
NO "I": by Wayan; 2003/10/22, a dream of identity loss.
I'm in San Francisco trying to throw Sauron's Ring into the Cracks of San Andreas. But a sexy sorcerer steals my sense of I! How can you act without a self?
FLUID DREAM CONNECTIONS: by Jenny Badger Sultan; 2003/11/8 and 2007/3/14; linked dreams of pods
A pod of whales in the sky and a circle of children dressed like seed-pods both beg me to interpret them...
FISHEL AND FRISH AND FIREBIRD: by Wayan, 2003/12/4, a seven-year dream.
Why do the guests arriving for our seven-year reunion include part-time giants and dog-headed gods? They tell me...
GALLERY GAWKERS: by Wayan; 2003-5; sketches of San Francisco characters
For two years, I sat at the desk in our co-op gallery, and secretly sketched our bewildered, art-assaulted customers...

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